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Call of Dragons Hero Tier List

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List
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Call of Dragons is a fantasy themed real-time strategy game. With the world in turmoil due to the dragons invading, you must build your kingdom and train an army from the ground up.

Your army can be led by a variety of heroes you collect over the course of the game, but which ones are the best? Find out in our Call of Dragons hero tier list.

Call of Dragons: Heroes tier list

Call of Dragons is here, and you have a variety of heroes to choose from. Each hero specializes in a certain field of combat, and they also grant bonuses to specific unit types. Be sure to read up on your heroes to know what they excel at.

There are roughly 20 heroes to pick from, so which ones are worth working towards? We have compiled a list of all the heroes, with our first impressions of how great their potential is, so check out our preliminary tier list right here.

SThe best of the best.Liliya, Hosk, Madeline, Emrys, Kinnara
AVery strong in most situations and pairings.Gwanwyn, Nika, Nico, Theia, Velyn, Bakshi
BCan be strong in some situations and pairings.Garwood, Waldyr, Eliana, Alistair, Alwyn, Kregg, Atheus, Indis
CBest suited for small tasks and gathering.Pan, Ordo, Kella, Chakcha, Bakhar

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Unanimously agreed to be one of the best mages right now, Liliya is a powerhouse of a unit. She can ignite her foes and inflict scorch, which burns them over time. She does extra damage towards Darklings and neutral enemies as an added bonus.

Liliya’s biggest strength comes from being able to melt multiple enemy legions. Flames of Vengeance and Witchy Wiles grant a chance for her normal attacks to scorch nearby targets of her main target.


Hosk is overall one of the strongest heroes in the game right now, and you can tell because he is locked behind a premium bundle you must buy with real money!

Hosk can buff his legion in a multitude of ways, making his legion very strong. He can also debuff his target’s defense with a rally, and he can increase his legion’s maximum capacity by a large amount, which enables him to win battles of attrition easily.


Madeline is a tanky beast that can deal some great damage. She is very versatile, able to soak up lots of damage with Blessed Blade while counterattacking with increased damage thanks to Steel Sentinel.

Many players agree that she is one of the best infantry heroes in the game right now, so try to get her if you can.


Emrys can lead your cavalry units into battle at a much quicker pace than the other heroes, and thanks to Watcher’s Blade and Springblade, he can generate rage at an alarmingly fast rate. This enables him to land powerful precision strikes on key targets.


Kinnara is one of the newer heroes, and she is already quite strong. She is a marksman that can buff her legion to do more physical damage, and she can inflict debuffs on her foes, including reducing their attack and defense power. Gratuitous Violence can also make her deal increased counterattack damage.

Now of course, Call of Dragons just released, so expect the meta and hero rankings to shift drastically over the next couple of months. This also goes without saying, but most heroes in the game can be viable as long as you invest into them and make sure to use them to their fullest potential.

Now, let us hear your thoughts. Who are your favorite heroes, and where would you put them on the tier list? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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Call of Dragons Hero Tier List


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