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Best Scary Roblox Games for Halloween 2023

Best Scary Roblox Games for Halloween 2023
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Roblox has huge number of games to choose from, so it may be hard to find the right spooky game this Halloween. We are here to help you narrow it down with our list of the best scary Roblox games!

Welcome Robloxians to our list of the best games to spook yourself with! Just in time for Halloween, all sorts of Roblox games are getting into the Halloween spirit with scary updates and more. There are plenty of games to dive into from Roblox’s Halloween section, and here are some of our favorites.

Check out our list:

  1. The Mimic
  2. The Maze
  3. Elmira
  4. Doors
  5. Dead Silence
  6. Horror Portals
  7. Before Truth
  8. Piggy 2 Book
  9. Murder Mystery
  10. Trick or Treat

1. The Mimic

Image via CTStudio

The Mimic is a popular survival horror game built inside of Roblox. It was developed by CTStudio and is not based on any book or film, but rather a combination of Japanese urban legends and history. The game has four essential features: rebirth, jealousy, rage, and control. Chapter 4 was released on August 14th, and the series now has over 170 million visits.

The Mimic has four books, each with four chapters, featuring one of The Four Beasts as the main antagonist. There’s plenty for you to play!

2. The Maze by HyperSlica

Image via @HyperSlica

Welcome to The Maze, a high-octane nightmare-fuel-inducing trip through confusion. The game starts slow enough, but all bets are off once you enter the maze. Plenty of jump scares and flashing lights are in this, so you have been warned!

Many players will enter the maze, but only a few will survive to find the exit. Work your way through a gigantic labyrinth designed to bend and twist your mind so you get lost and succumb to the horrors within!

While The Maze is currently unfinished, it is getting constant updates and has a huge player base, so you’ll always have others to play with. Journey into The Maze if you dare!

3. Elmira

Image via Drawing Board Studios

ELMIRA is a horror game on Roblox created by Drawing Board Studios. The game is loosely based on the legend of black-eyed children. In the game, you fall asleep on a bus during a school trip and wake up in the dead of the night to find everyone missing, with only an old hospital in sight.

The game has three chapters, and the third chapter will be released after the game reaches 100,000 likes. The game has been played over 63 million times and has over 461,000 favorites. For the best horror experience, use headphones during gameplay.


Image via LSPLASH

Roblox Doors is an intense horror game that will have you double-checking every step you take. Making your way through the hallowed halls, you will learn from your failures as each death teaches you more about the world around you and its inhabitants.

5. Dead Silence

Image via @DoomX10

Dead Silence is a horror game created by user DoomX10 for Roblox. It is based on a horror movie with the same name from 2007. Takes the player to solve a terrifying mystery, which contains all the disturbing atmosphere of each scene.

In the darkness, only Silence exists! Dead Silence is a scary horror adventure game where you and up to two other friends make your way through a series of haunting scenarios.
Find your way through a dilapidated house or wade through a seemingly never-ending sewer while evading whatever horrors are stalking you from the shadows…
Full of a spooky and tense atmosphere and plenty of jump scares to get your heart pumping, Dead Silence is a good pick for a scary game.

6. Horror Portals by Horror Portals

Image via Horror Portals

Horror Portals is a collection of connected spooky stories. The first chapter involves an innocent birthday party for a girl named Isabella, but soon enough, all hell breaks loose! Players will play through a series of events where they must run, jump, and hide from monstrous murderers!
There are two more chapters after that, with a fourth one in development. You’ll be treated to a deadly carnival, a haunted hospital, and spooky locales. You can replay stories to find alternate paths and secret endings, too.
With a scary atmosphere, an exciting storyline, and jump scares, Horror Portals is a great game to get into the Halloween spirit!

7. Before Truth

Image via @johnpcps

Roblox Before Truth is a horror game on Roblox with two chapters. The game is about a detective investigating a mysterious disappearance/murder case. The game has high-quality graphics, sound effects, and voice acting. It also has multiple endings depending on your choices. Some people say it is one of the best horror games on Roblox. Do you like horror games? Can you handle the Truth? Find out in Before Truth, an edge-of-you-seat jump scare horror experience for Roblox! You’re playing a detective who has been asked to investigate an old, seemingly abandoned house concerning a disappearance – or is it a murder? Switch on your torch, explore this spooky old house, and be ready for anything…

8. Piggy

Image via MiniToon

Roblox Piggy is a unique horror game inspired by the children’s character Peppa Pig and the horror game Granny. The game has 12 maps and various game modes, all revolve around fighting for your life against a family of murderous swine.

The game has amassed over 200,000 players, and a special game mode with 100 Players and one Piggy was released to celebrate this momentous occasion.

You wake up in the middle of a house without remembering how you got there. You look around only to find a humanoid pig wielding a baseball bat… and you get the feeling that this little Piggy isn’t here to play!

Piggy is an adrenaline-pumping horror game where you must hide and escape from Piggy, so it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s also quite long – Book 2 has 12 chapters to play through, with three different endings to find. Piggy is an excellent game for thrill seekers!

9. Murder Mystery 2

Image via @Nikilis

If you like your scary games with a little competitive edge, then Murder Mystery 2 is for you! Murder Mystery 2 is a competitive PvP game where players are split into three teams: the innocents, the sheriff, and the murderer.

One player is the sheriff, one player is the murderer, and all remaining players are innocents. Innocents must run and hide from the murderer while trying to decipher who the murderer is.

The sheriff must work together with the innocents as they are the only ones equipped with a weapon to take out the murderer.
The murderer’s main objective is to destroy everyone and leave no survivors! Keep suspicion off you, and don’t let anyone figure out your true identity!

Playing as an innocent in this game can be very nerve-wracking as you’ll need to always be on your toes to avoid getting killed. Murder Mystery 2 is the ultimate action-packed horror game!

10. Trick or Treat (Halloween Night)

Image via Derpie Studios

You all love trick or treating, don’t you? Well, how about trying to trick or treat while getting chased by a horrific monster?! That’s precisely what players will be doing in Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat is renamed Halloween Night, an arcade-style horror game with plenty of spook in it. Players will either be trickers or treaters – trickers need to hunt down the treaters. In contrast, treaters need to collect as much candy as possible!

Both sides can eat special candy to give themselves special power-ups that help them succeed in their objective, and you can even find crates to earn cosmetic rewards!

That is our list of some of our favorite scary games in Roblox. We’re sure you have many other additions, so please let us know what your favorite scary Roblox games are and why in the comments below!

If you’re excited about Halloween and love to play Roblox Horror-themed games, read our other articles related to this title! If you would like to suggest anything to our list, leave a message in the comments below.

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Best Scary Roblox Games for Halloween 2023


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