Best Pokémon Gold Cheats – GameShark Codes

Best Pokémon Gold Cheats

Pokémon Gold and Silver introduced fans to the second generation of Pokémon and the Johto region. Along with Silver, Pokémon Gold is one of the best-selling Pokémon games of all time. Compared to Pokémon Red and Blue, Gold and Silver had tons of improvements and new features such as better colors, improved sprites, specialized poké balls, PokéGear, and much more.

Despite being super old, many gamers still enjoy playing Pokémon Gold. Nowadays, interested Pokémon fans use emulators to play old games like Pokémon Gold. These emulators can let you use all kinds of cheat codes. In this article, we have listed some of the best GameShark cheat codes.

What are the Best Cheats for Pokémon Gold

1) Unlimited Master Balls

Code: 0101E2D5

Master balls are one of the most coveted items in all Pokémon games. This poké ball has a 100% capture rate on all wild Pokémons. By default, players can obtain one master ball towards the end of the story. It is usually meant for capturing the featured legendary Pokémon, Ho-Oh.

Players can use the above cheat code to get unlimited master balls in their key item pocket. It replaces the first item in the key item pocket with unlimited master balls. Just make sure the first item is useless.

2) Unlimited Rare Candies

Code: 0120E2D5

Rare candy is a food item which increases a Pokémon’s level by 1. Unlike master balls, players can find more than one rare candy throughout the game. If you want more rare candies, use this cheat code to add unlimited rare candies to your inventory.

3) Defeat Pokémons with one shot

Code: 010000d1

This cheat code will bring any Pokémon’s health to 0 HP with one hit. However, players must be careful with this cheat when trying to catch wild Pokémons as fainted Pokémons cannot be captured.

4) Walk Through Walls


This simple cheat code lets you pass through blocked areas such as walls, boulders, etc. Players can use this cheat code to access story-locked areas and take shortcuts.

5) Shiny Pokémons

Code: 010719D1

Pokémon Gold and Silver was the first game to add shiny Pokémon sprites. Many Pokémon fans love the original shiny Pokémon designs. If you want to capture shinies, this is the best cheat code to use Pokémon Gold. After activating it, all wild Pokémons will become shiny.

There are many other cheat codes for Pokémon Gold. If we missed any great cheat codes, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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Best Pokémon Gold Cheats – GameShark Codes


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