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Best Perks in Mordhau

Best Perks in Mordhau
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Having a tough time surviving on the battlefields of Mordhau? It might be time to change up your perk loadout. Having the right perks can make all the difference, and since you have so many points to work with, it can be a little difficult to think of a viable build. We can help you get started with some of the best perks in Mordhau.

The best perks to use in Mordhau

In Mordhau, every custom class starts with 48 loadout points that can go toward perks and equipment. There are a total of 23 perks to choose from, but which ones are the best? Here is our list of great perks that we have had the most success with.

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The Cat perk reduces fall damage by a whopping 90% and costs 3 loadout points.

In a game where getting the jump on someone easily makes the difference between life and death, the Cat perk allows for easy and unexpected flanks from above. With its incredibly low cost, we use Cat on almost all our builds.

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The Rush perk causes you to start sprinting as soon as you kill an enemy player, and costs 6 loadout points.

Very useful in large skirmishes, Rush allows you to, well, rush up to another enemy, potentially catching them off guard. It can be used defensively as well, if you are outnumbered and need to pull back.


The Fury perk refills your stamina completely upon killing an enemy player, and costs 3 loadout points.

Much like the Cat perk, due to its low loadout cost, Fury is a great universal perk. Stamina management is very important to winning a fight, and Fury makes you ready to rock even after a grueling battle.


The Bloodlust perk regenerates your health upon killing an enemy player, and costs 6 loadout points. Bloodlust functions just like Fury, except for health instead of stamina.

The one caveat to the Bloodlust perk is that taking damage or parrying an attack stops your regeneration, so that is one thing to keep in mind. Still, it is a very strong perk in large skirmishes, as it can make you feel unstoppable if managed right.


The Mule perk adds another inventory slot that can only be used with equipment items, and costs 1 loadout point.

The Mule perk is useful if you are the type of player who uses lots of equipment items. There is also a neat trick with Mule perk; if you drop your equipment items before resupplying, you can pick them back up after resupplying to have lots more items.


The Supplied perk reduces the cooldown of ammo box resupplies by 30%.

The Supplied perk is a no-nonsense perk that lets you spam equipment items at a faster rate, which is very useful for large skirmish maps, or if you prefer playing as an archer.


The Fireproof perk reduces fire damage by 80% and costs 3 loadout points.

The Fireproof perk effectively renders you almost immune to fire damage, and you are going to see a lot of players bringing Fire Bombs to large skirmishes. Overall, it is a handy perk just because it helps you focus on fighting enemies more, without having to worry about fire.

Do you have a favorite perk that is not listed here? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below!

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Best Perks in Mordhau


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