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Sometimes, we all need to cool down by playing video games. But who has the time to learn the intricate gameplay and battle mechanics of an RPG game, or follow the winding storyline that was adapted from a decade’s worth of novels!

Well, .io games may be the best solution to your dilemma. Most .io games require the least advanced software and average internet connection to play. Couple that with how fun and engaging they can be, and you’ve got yourself a hit on your hands!

Below, we will cover 5 of our favorite .io games, which span across quite a few different genres.

The Top 5 Best IO Games of 2021


A simple yet addicting puzzle game, is a lot like Threes, and is the successor to 1024. The game progresses with you moving squares around a board where you try and combine two of the same numbers to keep doubling themselves with a new number dropping into the board with every turn.

It is likely that on the first few (or hundred) tries, your board will get full to the point where you can’t make more plays. This is where you restart and try again until you can finally add the elusive 2048 piece onto your board.

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A charming FPS game that visually resembles Overwatch with the mechanics of Counter Strike, is a multiplayer FPS game that features capture-the-flag gameplay in an exhilarating environment.

Dive into quick-paced action on a tightly-packed battlefield with other players online, where it’s kill or be killed.

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Being one of the more unique .io games out there, functions like other popular consume-or-be-consumed .io games, but with a twist.

You play as a black hole that consumes anything and everything in its path, which includes trees, constructions, vehicles, and a variety of other things found across the map. You win when you grow the biggest black hole while avoiding getting swallowed by another player.

You can play here!

2. functions as a top-down twin-stick shooter packed with action which employs a mix of the mouse cursor for aiming with keyboard usage for movement.

Play as a robot that uses a variety of weapons and projectiles to defeat other robot players in the map by outsmarting them and using power-ups and abilities to your advantage.

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You didn’t think this list would be complete without the legend, did you? is the most popular and one of the best consume-or-be-consumed .io games out there. This survival games takes inspiration from the beahvior of the microbes on top of the agar medium of a petri dish.

You start off by zooming across the map to eat food and gain size, to the point where you become large enough to consume other players. Consume smaller cells while avoiding being eaten by bigger ones as you prove to everyone why you are the strongest microbe out there.

You can play here!

Those are our top picks for the best .io games of 2021! Do you agree with our opinions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best IO Games of 2021


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