Best Co-Op Mobile Games on Android in 2022


With the rapid development of the PC games market, single-player gameplay became the most popular, but the emergence of the MMORPG genre once again brought co-op back into the global game development trends. And the fashion for nostalgia that emerged in the late 2010s led to a renaissance of co-op games for a variety of platforms, including mobile ones.

In this list of the best coop games for Android, we included games that can be downloaded from the Play Market for free, but there are also several exceptions to this rule.

Soul Knight

This pixel-based action roguelike features fast-paced dungeons filled with alien monsters, tons of characters with unique gameplay, a huge selection of weapons, and a dynamic level generation that makes every playthrough unique.

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The co-op mode allows you to kill bad guys as part of a team of 4, so you will always have someone to blame for the death. And thanks to convenient controls, you will die less often than in other similar projects.


MythBusters has convincingly proven that things get better with explosions. The developers of BombSquad took this simple idea and brought it to perfection – here you can blow up anyone however you want.

There are many game modes to choose from, from the simple deathmatch to sports mini-games like racing, hockey, or American football. And in each of these modes, you can fight both against your friends and together with them as part of a team of up to 8 people. The on-screen madness fits perfectly with the setting of toy people fighting in arenas made of wooden construction kits.

Special Forces Group 2

This tactical shooter in the style of early Counter-Strike will allow you to gather a team of up to 8 people and take part in fights. The choice of modes includes such classics as deathmatch, bomb defuse and capture the flag, as well as the original zombie mode, sniper kill, and knife fight.

Genshin Impact

Explore a colorful fantasy world, search for a lost relative and fight the forces of evil in this stylish anime action game with impressive graphics. Random gamers from the network or your friends will help you with this.

The game is good because it can be played in partial co-op mode, when friends help you in individual battles, and not in the entire passage. An interesting feature of Genshin Impact is the mechanics of elemental chains, which allows you to defeat opponents by using the skills of different elements in the correct sequence.

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Best Co-Op Mobile Games on Android in 2022


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