Best Characters in Tales of Luminaria: Tales of Luminaria Tier List


Tales of Luminaria is a brand new epic anime RPG released by Bandai Namco. Set in an expansive world that is filled with intricate stories, mesmerizing graphics, and awe-inspiring characters, Tales of Luminaria is sure to plunge you into its immersive world.

Like many other newly released Gacha RPGs, the game’s meta has just begun to develop, and accurately determining which characters rule at the top and which just can’t keep up, is a tough task for anyone to do.

Below, we have listed every character based on the different groups they are in, and we will further assign tiers to each of the characters based on the testing our team has done.

Tales of Luminaria Tier List

Gildlan Empire

The Gildlan Empire is a highly-advanced civilization whose growth is powered by the artificial extraction of mana taken from the Primordial Beasts. The characters consist of:

  • August Wallenstein [Chancellor] – A Tier
  • Alexandra von Sonne [White Wolf] – S Tier
  • Bastien Forge [Black Wolf] – A Tier
  • Laplace [Red Wolf] – B tier
  • Gaspard Herbet – B Tier
  • Hugo Simon – B Tier
  • Amelie Laurence – C Tier
  • Falk – D tier

Jerle Foundation

A peaceful organization that prevails to live in peace with nature as well as the Primordial Beasts since ancient times. The characters consist of:

  • Leo Fourcade – S Tier
  • Celia Arvier – S Tier
  • Michelle Bouquet – S Tier
  • Lisette Reginer – A Tier
  • Lucien Dufaure – A Tier
  • Maxime Hasselmans – A Tier
  • Vanessa Morax – B Tier
  • Yelsy – S Tier

Tales of Luminaria Adventurers

These adventurers are not a part of either military, and have pledged to investigate the mystery of the Primordial Beasts.

  • Edouard Rouquier – B Tier
  • Lydie Delacroix – D tier
  • Ana-Maria Marschner – S Tier
  • Charles – S Tier
  • Raoul – A Tier

This tier list is purely the opinion of our team, and with the game being this early into its release, opinions will definitely change over time.

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Best Characters in Tales of Luminaria: Tales of Luminaria Tier List


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