Best Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022


There are many different interesting Roblox games. Some of them are original titles, and some are based on various movies, anime manga, etc. And Bloxburg is somewhere in between, as it resembles The Sims, but has original features. Players live in a large open city, build their own houses, go to work, and relax with friends. The game has many options to create a unique house. And in this guide, we will tell you about the best ideas for houses.

Best Bloxburg House Ideas

Lapis Lakehouse

This house will appeal to players who like to relax by the sea or lake. Even though such a house is quite easy to build, it looks rich and prestigious. And large windows will allow you to admire the lake even while you inside the house. Also, the white tones will help you relax.

Luxurious Modern Mansion

If you have access to the Game Pass items and a lot of money, you can build this wonderful house. Just by looking at it, you can understand how rich the player who lives there is. Moreover, in addition to bedrooms, study, kitchen and other rooms, you can build a special party hall for friends.

Cherry Blossom Mansion

This is an ordinary mansion, but with a few distinctive details. First, there are cherry blossoms around the house, which creates an atmosphere of spring. Secondly, next to the house there is a small lake with a gazebo. If you get tired of sitting in the house, you can always sit by the lake and admire the cherry blossoms.

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Modern Family Home

This is a huge house that contains absolutely everything you need for life, recreation, and entertainment. Family Home is designed in a modern style that combines black, dark blue, and white colors. What’s more, players will be able to enjoy the spa, fitness, and more inside Family Home.

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Best Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022


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