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Ark Re:Code Tier List | Best Characters in Ark Re:Code

Check out the best characters to use in our Ark Re:Code tier list.

Updated: January 17, 2024

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  • New characters from the January update have been added to the tier list.

Ark Re:Code is an adult turn-based RPG featuring powerful ladies that are fighting to save the world against the all-mighty Apostle. There are tons of characters to choose from, and we’ll show you the best characters in our Ark Re:Code tier list.

Ark Re:Code Tier List

Here’s a complete tier list for all the characters in Ark Re:Code. Similar to other mobile RPGs, Ark Re:Code focuses more on your team composition than the individual strength of characters. Having one of the best characters on your team will help a lot of course, but it’s more important to have a balanced team. Even if you’re using characters that are lower on the list, they’ll still be effective in the right compositions.

SSDivergent Apathy, Erica, Apostle, Lucima
SBernice, Dawn, Janis, Clone Bartholo, Hestia, Lucia, Rafael, Joyce, Louis, Moira
AClaire, Berserk Galornia, Gaeta, Lina, Feliz, Apathy, Vengeful Louis, Shani, Ermes, Cosma, Lottie, Matilda, Opaeni, Clone Dildri, Clone Carolyn, Clone Kalici, Clone Matilda, Clone Gieselle, Jocelyn, Naranthir, Hinorie, Celeste, Tracy, Vengeful Kothir, Galornia, Dildri, Ith, Dorin, Layla, Trist, Rubi, Clone Janis, Akaoni
BOdea, Eimi, Clara, Divergent Opaeni, Theresa, Blossom, Marsha, Bartholo, Clone Joyce, Petra, Clone Clara, Euphemia, Taya, Carolyn, Belyn, Zaphael, Silbal, Lana, Financier, Pennecus, Jen, Taryn, Ingloroe
CVanessa, Altemia, Mikael, Patea, Giselle, Pantasia, Yerica, Haleth, Petit, Varitte, Neva, Pamela, Silvina, Yibee, Haluti, Julia, Kalici, Kothir, Maeve, Janice, Milian, Tina, Queenie, Scarlett, Antiya, Grace, Mulier, Olga, Anheeun, Cindy, Bonnie, Katilda

The Best Characters in Ark Re:Code

There are around 100 characters to pick from when forming your party in Ark Re:Code. Going through community data and research, these four characters are universally agreed upon to be the best of the best.

Divergent Apathy

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Divergent Apathy is a dark-element Vanguard that excels at mowing down large groups of enemies in quick succession. Shadow Slash attacks two targets and reduces their action gauge. Instant Nirvana Dance attacks all enemies and inflicts them with ACC down. If even a single enemy is killed by Instant Nirvana Dance, its cooldown isn’t triggered and can be unleashed once more.

If Instant Nirvana Dance wasn’t already a huge threat, Vow of Revenge makes Divergent Apathy revive at 70% health when she takes fatal damage. On top of that, she instantly gains max focus and resets Instant Nirvana Dance’s cooldown. Talk about a triple threat!

If you’re looking to get these characters, you’re going to need a lot of resources, so make sure to check out our Ark Re:Code codes list for prize codes you can redeem for freebies.


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Erica is a water-element Sniper that is great for team buffs and dealing AoE damage. Both of her main active skills attack all enemies on the field, while also buffing Erica’s party at the same time. Her attacks deal more damage the fewer enemies are left. Her second active is always a critical hit and it grants her extra turn, making her able to deal out huge amounts of burst damage in a short period of time.


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Apostle is a dark-element Caster and probably the strongest mage-type character in the whole game. Her first active skill has a chance to render enemies unhealable for two turns. Her second active skill is an AoE attack that deals damage proportional to the enemy’s max HP. Her final active attacks all enemies and buffs her attack. A simple and straightforward Caster that is able to dish out huge amounts of damage.


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Lucima is another dark-element Caster that can deal insane amounts of damage, but with a dark twist. Every time an ally goes down, her attack and defense increase for the remainder of the fight. She can blast enemies with poison and stun enemies with her other active skills. When her stun is on cooldown, her poison attack targets a second enemy.

That concludes our Ark Re:Code tier list with the best characters in the game. What do you think of the list? Think a character should be placed somewhere else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ark Re:Code Tier List | Best Characters in Ark Re:Code