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Anime Adventures Trading Tier List & Values

Anime Adventures Trading Tier List & Values
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It’s time to start your trading career, and this Anime Adventures trading tier list ranks.

Trading Tier List ranks units by rarity, stats, and abilities for informed trades. So, whether you’re looking for a powerful unit to bolster your team or a little help with your research, we’ve got you covered!

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Note* This list is so well-made and well-researched.

All Units Trading worth in Anime Adventures

Over time, the value of units in a game continuously changes as new units come into play or older units become less effective. This list may vary, so keep an eye out for updates. At present, the rankings for what is the most valuable in the SS Tier to the least useful in the C- Tier are as follows:

Tier SS: [Top S Tier / SS]

Tier S: [High S Tier / S+] [Mid S Tier / S] [Low S Tier / S-]

Tier A: [High A Tier / A+] [Mid A Tier / A] [Low A Tier / A-]

Tier B: [High B Tier / B+] [Mid B Tier / B] [Low B Tier / B-]

Tier C: [High C Tier / C+] [Mid C Tier / C] [Low C Tier / C-]

SS Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
SSJIO (Over Heaven) / Dio (SHINY)Owner’s ChoiceOwner’s Choice4Overpriced

S+ Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
S+Future Guhon / Gohan (SHINY)Owner’s ChoiceOwner’s Choice5Stable
S+Jio (Over Heaven) / Dio18.5009008Stable
S+Future Guhon / Gohan13.7506255Stable
S+Blue Devil / Rin (SHINY)12.0005605Stable
S+Blue Devil / Rin73.2503502Unstable

S Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
SAndroid 21 (SHINY)5.3002657Stable
SToby / Tobi (SHINY)4.3002202Unstable
SEmili / Emilia (SHINY)3.9002007Stable
SMist Ninja / Zabuza (SHINY)3.5501907Hybed
SSaicky / Saiki K (SHINY)3.0001453Stable
SHie / Hiei (SHINY)3.0001456Stable
SLulu / Lelouch (SHINY)2.9501453Declining
SAndroid 212.7501408Stable

S- Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
S-Kumo / Kuma (SHINY)2.1001103Stable
S-Jelly / Jellal (SHINY)2.1001105Stable
S-Homuru / Homura (SHINY)1.9001006Unstable
S-Saiky / Saiki1.650753Stable
S-Tango / Tengen (SHINY)1.600802Stable
S-Unohona / Unohana (SHINY)1.600806Stable
S-Power (SHINY)1.400758Stable
S-Ezra / Erza (Lightning) (SHINY)1.375704Stable
S-Kumo / Kuma1.350704Stable
S-Hie / Hiei1.350705Stable

A+ Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
A+Ging / Gin (SHINY)1.300657Hyped
A+Merlyn / Merlin (SHINY)1.250605Stable
A+Kisoko / Kisuke (Bankai) (SHINY)1.250604Stable
A+Yamomoto / Yamamoto (SHINY)1.150554Stable
A+Nejiri / Nejire (SHINY)975503Stable
A+Mamy / Mami (SHINY)950506Unstable
A+Snake Princess / Boa (SHINY)950505Stable
A+Rayleigh (SHINY)950504Stable
A+Piccoru / Piccolo (SHINY)850454Stable
A+Temori / Temari (SHINY)800453Stable
A+Jozo / Jozu (SHINY)800402Stable
A+Shisu / Shisui (SHINY)750405Stable
A+Mist Ninja / Zabuza700403Stable
A+Ria / Rias (SHINY)675375Stable
A+Angel (SHINY)650374Stable
A+Daky / Daki (SHINY)585324Stable
A+Ice Queen / Esdeath (SHINY)550323Stable

A Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
ANejiri / Nejire550323Stable
AAkena / Akeno (SHINY)550323Stable
AGowther / Gowthy (SHINY)490304Stable
AJi Mo Ri / Jin Mori (SHINY)480304Stable
AYoshina / Yoshino (SHINY)475304Stable
AInuyasha / Inuyashu (SHINY)475304Stable
AAkin / Aki (SHINY)460273Stable
ATatsumo / Tatsumi (SHINY)460273Stable
AGetu / Geto (SHINY)460273Stable
AMadoko / Madoka (SHINY)450264Unstable
AChainsaw (SHINY)430252Stable
ATemori / Temari400252Stable
AIpo / Ippo (SHINY)400253Stable
AJozo / Jozu375252Stable
ASayako / Sayaka (SHINY)375254Unstable
ARoshy / Roshi (SHINY)375252Stable
AKuneko / Koneko (SHINY)375253Stable
APeruna / Perona (SHINY)375253Stable
AKyoka / Kyoko (SHINY)350223Unstable
ATodoro / Todoroki (SHINY)325203Stable
AWeather / Weather Report (SHINY)325206Stable
ABroke / Brook (SHINY)325206Stable
AEmili / Emilia325203Stable

A- Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
A-Luci / Lucy (SHINY)300203Stable
A-Ezra / Erza Valkyrie (SHINY)275203Stable
A-Hime / Himeno (SHINY)275203Stable
A-Kobeno / Kobeni (SHINY)275203Stable
A-Kit / Kite (SHINY)275203Stable
A-Toshin / Toshiro (SHINY)265183Stable
A-Homuru / Homura250175Stable
A-Ezra / Erza True Heart (SHINY)250172Stable

B+ Tier

TierNameValueReeroll TokensDemandTrend
B+Kent / Kento (SHINY)215153Stable
B+Boron / Boros200155Stable
B+Lulu / Lelouch200152Declining
B+Lucky / Luck (SHINY)190132Stable
B+Moriu / Moria (SHINY)185122Stable

B Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
BFire Fist / Ace (SHINY)180124Stable
BJi Mo Ri / Jin Mori180124Stable
BInuyasha / Inuyashu180123Stable
BTatsumo / Tatsumi180123Stable
BYamomoto / Yamamoto (Hellfire)180124Stable
BIpo / Ippo165113Stable
BCarrot (SHINY)155103Stable
BMirka / Mirko (SHINY)14093Stable
BOshy / Ai Hoshino (SHINY)13094Stable
BMerlyn / Merlin13094Stable
BDenjy / Denji Secret (SHINY)12583Stable
BHaka / Haku (Reflection) (SHINY)11072Stable
BEzra / Erza Lightning10073Stable
BJelly / Jellal (Heaven)8063Stable
BKisoko / Kisuke (Bankai)7053Stable
BBAkin / Aki7053Stable
BIce Queen / Esdeath (Empire’s Strongest)7053Stable
BNavi / Nami (SHINY)7054Stable
BDaky / Daki6553Stable
BMamy / Mami5543Unstable
BVeko (SHINY)5042Stable
BRia / Rias5043Stable
BAkena / Akeno5043Stable
BKuneko / Koneko5043Stable
BShisu / Shisui5042Stable
BPiccoru / Piccolo5042Stable
BGetu / Geto (Maximum)5042Stable
BLuci / Lucy (All Keys)5042Stable

B- Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
B-Ichi (Full Hollow) / Ichigo (Full Hollow) (SHINY)5042Stable
B-Renzi / Renji (SHINY)5041Stable
B-Madoko / Madoka4533Unstable
B-Navi / Nami4533Stable
B-Oshy / Ai Hoshino3533Stable
B-Sayako / Sayaka3032Unstable
B-Broke / Brook3532Stable
B-Peruna / Perona3532Stable
B-Ezra (Valkyrie) / Erza3532Stable
B-Snake Princess / Boa3552Stable
B-Unohona / Unohana3532Stable

C+ Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
C+Kyoka / Kyoko3022Unstable
C+Hime / Himeno3022Stable
C+Tango / Tengen3021Stable
C+Kobeno / Kobeni2522Stable
C+Gowthy / Gowther2522Stable
C+Roshy / Roshi2521Stable
C+Tobi / Toby2021Stable
C+Ezra (True Heart) / Erza1721Stable

C Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
CGetan / Geten (SHINY)1522Stable
CNightmare Luffo / Nightmare Luffy (SHINY)1522Stable
CShingo / Shinji (SHINY)1522Stable
CMecha Freezo / Mecha Frieza (SHINY)1522Stable
CHeavy Weather / Weather Report1521Stable
CTodorro / Todoroki1311Stable
CToshin / Toshiro1011Stable
CLuci / Lucy1011Stable
CKent / Kento1011Stable
CKit / Kite1011Stable
CLucky / Luck1011Stable
CMoriu / Moria1011Stable
CEzra / Erza1011Stable
CHaka / Haku (Reflection)1011Stable

C- Tier

TierNameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
C-Fire Fist / Ace511Stable
C-Ichi (Full Hollow) / Ichigo (Full Hollow)512Stable
C-Renzi / Renji511Stable
C-Luffo (Marine’s Ford) / Luffy (Marineford)511Stable
C-Nightmare Luffo / Nightmare Luffy511Stable
C-Shingo / Shinji511Stable
C-Getan / Geten511Stable
C-Mecha Freezo / Mecha Frieza511Stable
C-Yoshina / Yoshino511Stable
C-Mirka / Mirko511Stable

How to Reroll Traits in Roblox Anime Adventures?

Screenshot by Touch, Tap, Play

If the trait you currently have is not that good, then you can reroll it by following the steps below.

  1. First, launch the Roblox Anime Adventures game.
  2. Next, head to the Evolve area where Beerus is.
  3. Outside that area, you’ll find NPC named Wis.
  4. Interact with him and select the Unit whose trait you want to reroll.
  5. After that, pay the price of the Reroll via, Robux RerollReroll Tokens, or Star Remnant.
  6. And then, you’ll end up with a random Trait that you can reroll again.


This would be our Roblox Anime Adventures tier list. If you’re looking for other tier lists, then you can check them all out in our tier list section! You can also get a bunch of free stuff from our game codes page, so don’t miss them! 

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