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10 Mobile Games Like Buckshot Roulette if You Don’t Have a PC

10 Mobile Games Like Buckshot Roulette if You Don’t Have a PC
Image via Mike Klubnika
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Buckshot Roulette is quickly shaping up to be the first big indie darling of 2024. It’s only available on PC, but if you want to try out games like it, here are 10 mobile games like Buckshot Roulette if you don’t have a PC.

The Best Mobile Games like Buckshot Roulette

Thanks to its unique concept and dark atmosphere, Buckshot Roulette is becoming popular among the indie community. Unfortunately though, the game is limited to PC, and a version on different platforms seems unlikely. That’s why we’re here to showcase games that are close to Buckshot Roulette that are playable on mobile.

For this list, we found games that have the same kind of Russian Roulette-style game play featured in Buckshot Roulette. Unsurprisingly, both the App Store and Google Play Store dislike hosting games that include self-harm, so you’ll have to play most of these games through your favorite mobile browser on external websites, primarily itch.io.

1. Gangster Roulette

Image via Soju_and_Ink

Gangster Roulette is another itch.io project like Buckshot Roulette, and while it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile version, you can play it through mobile browsers by going to the website. Gangster Roulette is a Russian Roulette at its core—two people take turns firing a loaded revolver, but you can opt to go rogue and turn the gun on your opponent if you know the next round is live. You can even play the game with a second player in versus mode!

2. Russian Roulette

Image via TASO APPS

You can’t get any more straightforward than Russian Roulette, a simple mobile game exclusive to the Google Play Store. You are given a revolver, and you simply tap it to see what fate has in store for you. It’s pretty simple, but it’s good for a quick thrill between you and some friends.

3. Russian Roulette VR

Image via stannard95

Is a normal video game of Russain Roulette too tame for your tastes? Well, why not try it in VR with the aptly named Russian Roulette VR, a full virtual reality experience that is compatible with Android-supported VR headsets. Download the APK from the itch.io website, then use SideQuest to install it.

4. Inscryption

Image via Devolver Digital

Inscryption is a tabletop card game with a mind-bending story, which should come as no surprise since it’s from the same developer who made Pony Island. Inscryption is where Buckshot Roulette‘s main inspiration lies, and you can tell immediately from the general atmosphere and vibe. This game is probably the closest thing to Buckshot Roulette in terms of overall feel, so we highly recommend it if you have a Switch.

5. Bullet Roulette VR

Image via Fibrum

Bullet Roulette VR is another virtual reality Russian Roulette game, with a twist. At the start of each turn, players draw three random cards from a deck, and these cards can completely change the rules of the game. You can pull shenanigans like skipping turns, forcing specific players to take another turn, and so forth. It’s Russian Roulette with a chaotic twist, and it also supports online multiplayer. Purchase the APK from itch.io, then install it using SideQuest.

6. Russian Rollette

Image via tiimo

Russian Rollette is another spin on the grim game. At the start of every round, a dice is rolled to see how many live rounds are loaded into the revolver. Six people then pass the gun around to see if they’re lucky… but may the stars help you if a 6 is rolled. If you manage to survive the round, you earn coins to buy power ups with, and they just might save your life. You can play this game on your mobile browsers.

7. 1Bit Roulette

Image via Raindeir

1Bit Roulette is an ultra-minimalist game of Russian Roulette that you can play in your mobile browser. With its pixel charm and simple sound effects, 1Bit Roulette is a quick and easy way to get a game of Russian Roulette going with your friends. Pass the phone around see who can make it to 20 points!

8. Simple Russian Roulette Game

Image via A-XII

Despite the name, Simple Russian Roulette Game is a pretty unique take on the gun-spinning game of chance. Simple Russian Roulette Game is played entirely through text, as it’s structured like a visual novel game. There are no graphics to speak of, and that ramps up the tension, surprisingly. Also, this game is a great way to understand the raw statistics of chance, as the visual novel context makes it easier to understand.

9. Roulettemin Pro: World Tour

Image via sleeeeeenky

Roulettemin Pro: World Tour is a local multiplayer game of Russian Roulette for up to technically an unlimited amount of players. Each player gets a turn to fire the gun, or they can opt to peek at the bullets or pass the gun to the next player. These tricks are limited though, so knowing when to use them is the key to victory.

10. The Ultimate Martian Roulette

Image via Tano Collective

The Ultimate Martian Roulette is a futuristic and twisted game show where prisoners have a chance to delay their execution dates by one whole day… or get killed on the spot. You’ve been chosen to participate in this unlucky game against four AI opponents, but you can utilize special abilities to increase the odds in your favor. Can you survive this dystopian game show?

That concludes our list of the best mobile games like Buckshot Roulette. Have another game like it that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Mobile Games Like Buckshot Roulette if You Don’t Have a PC