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10 Best Underrated Mobile Games for iOS

10 Best Underrated Mobile Games for iOS
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If you like browsing through the game section in the App Store, you’re aware of the sheer number of titles available out there. You might also be aware that only a select number of games reach the top of the feed. The sad truth is that many great games never do!

We’ve decided to do our part in rectifying this injustice! To that end, we present you with the top 10 underrated iOS games. But don’t think we only covered iOS games—you can read another list much like this one, but dedicated to Android games. However, if you’re sticking with iOS, let’s get going!

1. HoPiKo

Hopiko is a platformer game about none other than gaming itself!
Image by Laser Dog

Fast, dynamic, and exciting, HoPiKo takes you on a mission to save the gaming world from a dangerous virus. You’ll need to react quickly as you whizz through custom level runs and from one platform to the other. In addition to the exhilarating gameplay, HoPiKo features unique aesthetics and controls, as well as a one-of-a-kind soundtrack.

2. Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo is a top-down multiplayer shooter arena game.
Image by ZeptoLab UK

If you like top-down tactical shooters, you’ll love Bullet Echo. This game looks amazing and plays just as well as a tactical multiplayer experience. You can choose your character from a wide selection of heroes that boast different abilities and weaponry. Then, form a team and dominate intricate, exciting maps in Bullet Echo!

3. Pressure Washing Run

Wash your worries away with Pressure Washing Run!
Image by Rollic Games

When you see the words “Pressure” and “Run” in a game title, you might expect a relatively stressful experience. Yet, Pressure Washing Run is anything but! This game delivers precisely what it says in the title: running with a pressure washer. It might sound mundane, but the actual gameplay is very satisfying. As a bonus, this is one of the rare games that look the same in the ads and when you start playing for real!

4. Evan’s Remains

Evan's Remains is as much a mystery game as it is an endearing aesthetical journey.
Image by Whitehorn Digital

Solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and help a missing boy find his way back home. This is the brief synopsis of Evan’s Remains, and, of course, it doesn’t begin to explain the unique experience players get from this game. Throughout the game, the developing plot will pique your curiosity. At the same time, you’ll need to engage more and more in increasingly hard puzzles. All that wrapped up in a unique, captivating visual style.

5. Terraria

Explore, gather resources, build, and survive in the expansive world of Terraria.
Image by 505 Games

Most of the games on our list are free to play, but Terraria doesn’t count among them. This build-gather-explore game is quite similar to Minecraft in many aspects. Yet, once you start playing it, Terraria really gives off the impression that it’s a thing of its own. For the price of $5, you’ll unlock a massive world that will be yours to discover and populate with unique constructions.

6. That Level Again

Pass the same level countless times in different ways in That Level Again.
Image by Nurkhametov Tagir

You’d never think that a game consisting of a single level could be fun, but That Level Again proves otherwise! The game has but a single layout from one level to another. The catch? The solution for the puzzle is never the same! And the most fascinating thing about That Level Again is that you’ll go through nearly 100 puzzles before you get to the end.

7. Meta World: My City

Build your city and dominate the market in Meta World: My City.
Image by Netmarble

Meta World: My City is a board game, but it’s also a city builder. You construct buildings, purchase land, and compete against others in this unique blend of popular genres. On top of the main gameplay, you can also customize your character, participate in events and tournaments, and much more. Best of all, you can play Meta World: My City with friends without ruining your relationships, which is a rare feat in board games!

8. NecroMerger—Idle Merge Game

NecroMerger - Idle Merge Game is a blend of genres unlike you've seen before.
Image by Grumpy Rhino Games

Is it a merger game? Is it a manager? Is it an idle game? No, it’s Necromerger—Idle Merge Game, and it’s all of the above! In this title, you deal with monsters, and you can grow and merge them to develop your Lair further. Through these mechanics, you’ll feed your pet, complete missions, and earn income through trade, to mention a few activities. Plus, your Lair will continue to generate resources when you leave the game.

9. Tiny Rails

Enjoy train building in Tiny Rails.
Image by Tiny Titan Studios

Tiny Rails could best be described as a train tycoon game. You’ll start with a single engine and slowly build up your train sets in this quasi-pixel art title. If you invest your resources wisely, you can achieve a genuine empire spanning the entire world. Plus, train enthusiasts will be delighted to see numerous historic trains in the game.

10. Dicast: Rules of Chaos

Are you looking for Monopoly with an action RPG twist? Try Dicast: Rules of Chaos.
Image by BSS Company

Dicast: Rules of Chaos is what Monopoly would be if it were a fantasy RPG! Rather than purchasing land and building, you’ll defeat opponents in exciting hero battles, unlock new dice cards, and find new, more powerful heroes. On top of all this, you can participate in events and tournaments, win achievements, and build up your base.

This concludes our list of the 10 best underrated games for iOS. If you want to discover more exciting titles, dive into our Apps & Lists section! There are plenty of tier lists for numerous games there, too!

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10 Best Underrated Mobile Games for iOS