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10 Best Games Like House Flipper 2 on Mobile

10 Best Games Like House Flipper 2 on Mobile
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House Flipper 2 is finally here, bringing more house remodeling action to PC and console gamers, but what about the mobile gamers? If your inner interior designer is itching for some action, join us as we list the 10 best games like House Flipper 2 on mobile.

1. House Flipper: Home Design

Image via PlayWay SA

What better game to start this list off than with the official mobile adaptation of House Flipper? House Flipper: Home Design is the mobile spin-off of House Flipper and House Flipper 2, featuring the same relaxing house-flipping action we all know and love. Since House Flipper 2 coming to mobile is still up in the air, this is the closest you can get to the most authentic House Flipper experience on mobile. With over 500 decorations and furniture to choose from, you’ll be able to flip houses exactly the way you want it.

2. Property Brothers Home Design

Image via Storm8 Studios

Property Brothers Home Design is a mobile game based on the Canadian TV show of the same name. You’re a newly appointed house designer, training under the Scott brothers themselves. Renovate, customize, and design houses from the ground-up, and when you’re not designing, play match-3 puzzle levels to earn coins to buy more furniture options! Property Brothers Home Design is the perfect game for those who love both house designing and match-3 puzzle games.

3. House Designer: Fix & Flip

Image via Karate Goose Studio

Step into the role of a house designer in House Designer: Fix & Flip, a first-person interior design game. Purchase old, filthy homes and clean them to a sparkling finish. Once everything is clean, bring in new furniture and decorate it however you like to get the house market ready. You can even tend to exterior properties like gardens, pools, and more!

4. House Flip

Image via fun-gi

Travel the world in search of new homes to redesign in House Flip! You are a professional interior designer in House Flip, and your job is to turn crumbly homes into stunning displays to sell them on the market. If you need help, you can turn to your trusty team who can supply you with helpful tips on decorating and renovating. House Flip even features some creative house-related mini-games, like redoing the house plumbing, mixing paints, and more!

5. My Home Makeover Design

Image via Holy Cow Studio

My Home Makeover Design is a creative blend of House Flipper remodeling action combined with Scrabble-style word puzzles. You’ll renovate houses and redecorate them with furniture of your choice as usual, but in order to earn coins to buy more furniture options, you’ll need to solve crossword and anagram puzzles. If you wanted to practice your vocabulary and design homes at the same time, My Home Makeover Design is the game for you!

6. Design Home™: House Makeover

Image via Crowdstar

Design Home™: House Makeover is the ultimate interior designer game. Whereas most of the games on this list are focused on the whole property, Design Home™: House Makeover focuses on individual rooms and styles, using real-life brands! Whether you want to bring a dining room to life with vibrant colors, or a bedroom with natural and relaxing styles, this game has something for all aspiring interior designers.

7. Home Design Makeover

Image via Storm8 Studios

Home Design Makeover puts you in the shoes of a fresh new designer, ready to help families looking to remodel. Unlike the other games on this list, Home Design Makeover focuses on story and characters, as you’ll be meeting lots of clients that are relying on you for the best redesign of their homes. Similar to Property Brothers Home Design, you’ll be solving match-3 puzzles when you’re not designing homes to earn more furniture.

8. Redecor

Image via Reworks

Looking for a home designer game, but something a little more on the realistic side? Redecor is the game for you, as it features photo-realistic rooms, furniture, and styles for all aspiring interior designers. It’s almost as if you’re looking a real-life home! You can relax and design your own rooms with no limitations, or you can take on the daily design challenges that ask you to design a room using a featured style.

9. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Image via Qiiwi Games

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is another home design game based on a TV show of the same name. Hundreds are homes need your help, and the only way to redecorate is to complete some match-3 puzzles! Similar to games like Homescapes, you’ll play through match-3 levels to earn enough coins to unlock the next renovation project, then you can redesign to your heart’s content.

10. Decor Life

Image via SayGames

Decor Life is a cute and simple home design game. You’ll start off with rooms where all the furniture is packed away in boxes, so you’ll need to unpack and rearrange things according to the room’s theme. Decor Life‘s gameplay is all about zen-like rearranging, so if you’re looking for a chill home designing experience, this is the game for you. Be sure to check out our Decor Life guide for some helpful tips.

Those are our top 10 best games like House Flipper 2 on mobile. We hope you have lots of fun designing homes, and if you have any other games you like that aren’t on this list, let us know about them in the comments below!

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10 Best Games Like House Flipper 2 on Mobile