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10 Best Games Like AFK Arena (Mobile)

10 Best Games Like AFK Arena (Mobile)
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In AFK Arena, your heroes progress even when you’re not actively playing, making it the perfect game to play in short bursts. Want more games with this hands-off style of gameplay? Check out our list of the top 10 best games like AFK Arena on mobile.

The best games like AFK Arena on mobile

1. AFK Angels

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In AFK Angels, you are the leader of the ancient race of angels, divine beings with unlimited potential. Recruit over 100 different angels, each with their own unique abilities. The angels fight alongside you as you travel the realm, fighting off a hidden evil that seeks to devour the world. The angels fight for your cause when you’re away from the game, so you’re always progressing!

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2. Goddess Connect

Image via Indofun Games

Befriend a multitude of powerful gods in Goddess Connect, an auto-battler idle RPG. Devils from the underworld have arisen, and it’s up to you to drive them back into the abyss using the powers of the divine. Goddess Connect has all the usual mechanics of an idle RPG, plus some additional features that always gives you stuff to do, like catching random envelopes that grant you additional rewards.

3. Hunter Raid

Image via Gameberry Studio

Hunter Raid is an auto-battler idle RPG that focuses on a single hero rather than a full army. You are a Hunter, a gifted human with magical powers, and your sole duty is to survive a war that transcend across time and space. Your Hunter fights on their own, so equip them with gear to improve their strength. As you travel through time, you’ll fight bosses and unlock new classes for your Hunter. You can mix and match different skills to create your ultimate dream Hunter!


Image via Habby

Embark on a mythical journey in SOULS, a turn-based auto-battler RPG with idle elements. This game has all the usual mobile RPG mechanics, but it’s mostly known for its beautifully striking art style. SOULS is the game for you if you prefer your idle experiences to have a little more eye candy to them.

5. Idle Angels

Image via Neorigin

Idle Angels is an auto-battler RPG full of beautiful angels. The world of angels is under attack, and your destiny is to lead them to their salvation. Lead up to six angels into battle, each belonging to different factions. How you position your angels in the six available slots can activate combat bonuses, so planning is key in Idle Angels.

6. Madtale

Image via Archosaur Games

The world of fables awaits you in Madtale, an auto-battler idle RPG based off of classic fairy tales from your childhood. Meet and recruit iconic characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and more in this unique spin on the idle RPG genre that’s usually full of anime-inspired games. Lead them into PvE battles as you journey through a fantasy world, or fight other players in arena PvP.

7. Fortress Saga

Image via CookApps

Join Cor and Louis as they travel the land in their walking battleship in Fortress Saga! Your fortress is constantly moving forward, defeating enemies and earning your rewards, which you can use to power up the fortress itself and various heroes that fight alongside it. Heroes can be positioned on and off the fortress, leading to some interesting combo attacks.

8. Mythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes is an auto-battler RPG that takes its inspiration from various mythologies across the world. Summon heroes and deities from across different cultures and create the ultimate dream team! Explore the world in the PvE mode that spans across several continents, or take to the arena and battle it out with deities from other myths.

9. Tap Wizard 2

Image via TopCog

A lone wizard makes their way to the Chronosphere, a world where time is simply a construct. After meeting their end, time rewinds and the wizard is born anew. Tap Wizard 2 is an action RPG with idle elements. Utilize a variety of spells to blast your foes to pieces, and learn new skills as you grow stronger. The wizard can fight on their own, or you can take direct control and fight for yourself.

10. Nordicandia

Image via Iterative Studios

Nordicandia is a Nordic-themed idle action RPG. Choose a class for your hero and watch them rampage through the dungeon all on their own. Your hero moves, fights, and uses skills on their own, with optional manual control if you so wish. Your chosen skills also affect how directly involved with the game you need to be, so you can tailor the gameplay experience exactly to your liking. Nordicandia is one of the best mobile auto-battler idle RPGs thanks to its flexible design.

We love idle RPGs since we’re busy folks, and we hope you find a new game from this list that you love too. If you know of any other great idle RPGs like AFK Arena, let us know in the comments below!

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10 Best Games Like AFK Arena (Mobile)