The last Great War was world altering ordeal that left it permanently scarred. While the God of Destruction was ultimately sealed away, a looming shadow threatens to break the peace. War of Crown is a tactical turn-based strategy game. You play as the “Child of Destiny” Eshirite, a spirited young man. What starts out as an innocent, fun adventure may very well shape the world. War of Crown is a pretty complex game, so we’re here with our War of Crown cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

War of Crown features an in-depth elemental triangle, weapon enhancing and customizing, and more. Let’s jump right into the game with our War of Crown tips and tricks guide.

1. Be careful with gear!

Be sure that you want to equip certain pieces of equipment. When a hero equips gear, that gear is locked in placed until you either replace it or force unequip. Replacing a piece of gear will destroy the old gear, so beware. To unequip a piece of gear you’ll need to spend a certain amount of Crystals. Crystals are earned by selling off heroes, so it’s not a common currency. The rarer the gear, the more crystals you’ll need to spend. Early on this won’t be a problem because the gear you get will all be common, 1-star gear anyways. Later on though you’ll need to plan out who gets what to avoid unnecessary spending.

2. Build a balanced team!

Taking advantage of the elemental triangle is key to victory during battles. Before you jump into a level, you can see the bonus objectives and the type of monsters you’ll be going up against. You can see their exact levels and elemental affinities, so adjust your team accordingly. Remember: having the elemental advantage will make you dish out more damage while receiving less!

3. Play defensively!

Because War of Crown features a height mechanic, it’s usually a good strategy to let the monsters come to you. Position any ranged attackers in your team on the highest, safest spots you can find on the map. Keep your melee heroes near them and bunker down. Monsters will try to move in to take out your ranged attackers but they’ll have to go through your melee attackers first. This enables your ranged heroes to safely take pot shots at monsters with increased damage thanks to the height advantage.

4. Garnets!

Garnets are the premium currency of War of Crown and there are a couple ways to get more. You’ll need 300 garnet to do a 11-hero summon, so you’re going to need to save up!

  • Completing specific Arendel Missions will reward you with garnet, ranging from as little as 5 to as much as 100!
  • Completing Story Mode missions reward you with garnet. Before you do regular adventure levels, try to complete as much of the story as you can. Be careful though – the story missions have different objectives and can be challenging without the right strategy.
  • Clearing the Bonus Missions in adventure levels grants you with a tiny bit of garnet, usually 2. They add up though so try to complete as many of them as you can. Some of them will require you to use a party below a certain star limit, so bear that in mind.

That’s all for War of Crown. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!