Trials Frontier Tips And Tricks (iOS)

Trials Frontier
Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is a really nice iOS game featuring a simple yet really engaging gameplay formula. In the new Ubisoft game, you will be controlling a bike through an apocalyptic setting, doing stunts and avoiding obstacles in order win against another racer called Butch.

Don’t think that besting Butch is going to be an easy task, as the guy seems to have been born with wheels under him. Even though you may be failing a lot, it will still be a really fun and exciting experience.

If Butch is making a fool out of you and your frustration keeps building up, you may want to follow these tips and tricks to become a better rider and finally catch your nemesis.

  • Learn From Your Rival

During the first hours of the game, you will surely have a really hard time keeping up with Butch. This seems to be a precise design choice meant to ease gamers into Trials Frontier. Instead of throwing your device in frustration, you’d better keep an eye on Bucth and see what he does. Learn from him and you will soon be able to keep up with him and even best him before long.

  • Bike Parts and Upgrading

Even if you ride exactly like Butch, it will be impossible to keep up with him if you’re bike is not up to the task. Luckily, you can upgrade yours while in the village. There are two ways to upgrade your bike: by using parts and spend money. You have the chance to earn some parts by spinning the Parts Wheel after having successfully completed each stage. If you’re having a hard time finding parts, you will still be able to upgrade the bike but you’ll have to spend money on it. It’s really costly to upgrade using this method, so it’s always better to use those parts.

  • Restarting Levels

Every time you choose a race, you will be spending fuel to access it. As such, you want to be absolutely successful in each and every one to justify the fuel cost. However there will be times when it looks like you might not complete a quest. Before the race ends, simply restart it: you won’t lose more fuel and you can complete the quest for the maximum profit. This is also a good strategy to earn more coins, as performing well in races will make you earn more.


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Trials Frontier Tips And Tricks (iOS)


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