“Experience the first Adventure Runner to hit the iPad,” say Sava Entertainment, the developers of Treasure Tower Sprint and you might be wondering: what on earth is an “adventure runner”. If you asked me, I’d describe it like a mix between Pac Man, the original Prince of Persia, a pinch of puzzler and chasing peacocks.

And for some reason this seems to be extremely fun! Treasure Tower Sprint sends you inside a magical tower of a Genie, a tower filled with treasure, treasure which you need in your pockets, pockets which are empty. You just have to hope that you can fight off the Tower Guardians and make it to the top of the highest Tower where, legends say, the Genie lives and can grant your wish to become rich. Because apparently treasure is not enough.

I am sure that the trailer above and the image right under this line are not enough, so check out the full set of Treasure Tower Sprint features below:

Treasure Tower Sprint

• Over 70 unique floors to explore as you try to make it to the top of the highest Tower.
• Six different Tower Guardians, each with different levels of strength, are out to destroy you and keep you from reaching the Genie. You’ll need to outrun them or be ready for a fight.
• Upgrades boost the Prince’s Health, Attack, Defense, and Lock-picking skills. You will need to choose well to optimize your game playing style.
• A timed bonus area where you’ll need to capture treasure-loving peacocks that are trying to escape your capture—the more you catch, the richer you are!

Sounds fun? The game is available for iPad only for 99 cents. You can download it from iTunes here.