Top 10 TwoDots Cheats: Tips, Tricks (The Ultimate Strategy Guide)


The extremely addictive Dots: A Game About Connecting has just received a sequel TwoDots and I am here to share with you The ultimate strategy guide for the game, together with some TwoDots cheats, tips and tricks that will help you beat each of the levels, get the three star ratings and keep going. It’s not going to be easy, as you probably know already, but I am sure that this ultimate strategy guide will help you quite a bit!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some TwoDots cheats, tips and tricks for this insanely addictive and high quality game!

1. Squares. Squares are your friend
Just like in the original game, TwoDots is extremely easy to beat if you manage one thing: creating squares. When you create a square, you remove all the dots of the same color from the board and automatically you increase your chances of creating more squares, so keep doing it! Even better, if you can create a large square (9 connections), then you will also get a special dot with super powers that will take away some extra dots with it.

So create your entire game strategy around squares. Analyze the board, see where it is easier to create matches that will result in squares being created afterwards. Even if you don’t need the color to complete the mission, squares are better than a simple match, so always go for squares. Easy! (At least easy to say, because the reality, we know it’s different!)

2. Anticipate the square making patterns
There are a few special dot positions that can easily result in a square and you have them below, try focusing on getting the most out of them:

The possible square

This one is the riskiest as you are not sure that you will get the color you need. You might, so unless you have a better option, try to work it out!

The vertical Z

In our example, it’s impossible to create the square, but if there were a dot there which could’ve been removed, we’d get a guaranteed square. Good to know!

The missing dot

03 TwoDots Cheats the missing piece

This one’s again pretty obvious, and you should be on the lookout for it: one single dot is required to create a square, so don’t go matching the three dots, make it such that the fourth drops into place.

The hamburger

Looks like a hamburger, right? Well, it’s also extremely useful as it’s the easiest square to create: just match the “ham” and square the burger!

3. Quit the level and restart!
When you start a level, if you quit it before you make your first move, you won’t lose a life. So look at the board, if it’s an extremely difficult level and if you don’t like the starting placement of the dots, you can quit the level and start it again (if you just hit Restart, you will lose a life, so you have to quit the level!)

4. The extra hearts cheat
Did you run out of hearts already? Of course you did, the game is extremely difficult and you have to wait all 20 minutes to get a new one. But I have a quick trick for you to get you some extra lives: simply go to the settings of your device and fast forward your time 100 minutes. You will get your 5 lives back and you’ll be ready to play. Make sure to take advantage of this cheat before the devs fix it!

5. Start at the bottom
Just like in other match three games, TwoDots gives you more chances of creating new matches if you start matching the dots at the bottom: more pieces will fall and the board will change a lot if you do so. Just make sure that you stratgize and it’s the best option, because all it matters are… squares!

6. Force a board reshuffle
Even though it will cost you a few moves, try to force a board reshuffle when things are not looking too good for you and you have a lot of impossible to match dots piling up at the bottom: slowly work your way up with two dot matches, until it’s impossible to match any more dots. Try to keep the reshuffle forcing to a maximum of 4 moves, otherwise you might not have enough moves left to complete the level.

7. Replay. Then replay some more
I’ve replayed level 15 in TwoDots two sets of lives and I was starting to be 100% sure that it’s an impossible to beat level – at least impossible without any boosts. Then I started to listen to what I preach and started creating squares – went lucky with two large ones and there I was, cruising over that impossible level. So instead of rushing to pay the cash for the power-ups, try to replay your levels. Eventually you’ll get the right dots. Eventually.

8. Take your time and strategize
Since TwoDots comes with no time limits, you have all the time in the world to strategize. So take your time, analyze the board and make sure that you always make the best match possible. This means that you have to visualize the board, anticipate where the dots will fall, the new connections that will be made and prepare for your next move before you’ve even made it.

9. Power-ups to buy
There are three power-ups that you can buy in the game: 5 extra moves, a Bomb and Extra lives. They are pretty expensive and none guarantees that you will complete the level, so make sure that when you buy them and use them, you really need them and they can help you beat a level. There are no good or bad power-ups, it all depends on the situation: the 5 Extra moves are extremely useful in games that you’re just about to hit the requirements, while the bomb comes in handy when you have a piece stuck on a platform or blocked in a way that you can’t reach it.

10. Relax
It might seem that TwoDots is not a game that can drive you crazy, but in my case it certainly managed to do so with its extremely difficult levels. How to beat a level you’ve been stuck at for ages? Well, you certainly can’t if you are not relaxed – when you are angry, you can’t focus and as a result, you’ll do really bad at the game. Just take breaks and come back to those impossible levels when you’re completely relaxed. You’ll see that there’s a chance and you’ll certainly make it count!

These are our top 10 TwoDots cheats, tips and tricks in what is hopefully the ultimate strategy game for this amazing iOS game. Did you get stuck at a specific level? Let us know how you managed to beat it!

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Top 10 TwoDots Cheats: Tips, Tricks (The Ultimate Strategy Guide)


  1. my level 65 doesn’t look like the level 65 in any of the tips I have found. I wonder why? I wanted to post a screen shot of it because the level is driving me crazy, but I don’t know how.

    • my level 65 is also different. The website states it has three colors. My level 65 has four colors: red, yellow, blue and lavender? It is also set up differently with three full lines of dots at the top and only 16 ice blocks: set up in a maze! What is going on? Does anyone else have a level 65 that looks similar to mine? I cannot get past it and am ready to delete the game! I refuse to pay for extra moves when it should be a beatable level! I have not had problems with the other levels!


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