It’s tank versus tank in this all-out war! Super Tank Rumble is a 2D tank game full of explosions, chaos, and everything you know and love about tanks! Super Tank Rumble lets your creative side flourish with an in-depth tank builder and customizer. Choose from a variety of parts and components to build your dream tank. Want to put a blade on it? Go right ahead! Want to blast your foes from afar with cannons and machine guns? No problem! Show off your dream tank and take over the leaderboards with the help of our Super Tank Rumble cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Shoot the weapons off!

Your first plan of attack should be disabling the enemy tank’s weapons, soldier! Without its weapons, a tank has no way of defending itself so it’s wide open to attack. Before you initiate combat, take a look at the tank’s design. Try to spot any open areas or places with low armor so you can attack there. Remember that most weapons tend to stick out a bit, so that’s where you should try to aim!

2. Go for the core parts!

Once you’ve taken out the weapons, go for the integral parts of the tank! If you see any loose gas tanks, take them out for a quick finish. If a tank runs out of fuel during a battle, it’s a sitting duck. Even better – if you can expose the tank’s engine, that’s a surefire way to victory. Destroying the tank engine is an automatic win as the entire tank shuts down. Destroying a tank’s framework is a good place to start as well, since it will cause a chain reaction in which the other parts of the tank will collapse and fall apart.

3. Don’t be too heavy!

Make sure you have even weight distribution throughout the main frame of your tank. If you’re too heavy on one side, you’re going to topple towards that side and it’s going to be really hard to move! This goes double for your wheels. If they’re not in ideal positions, you might end up digging yourself into the ground. Make sure you’re using the wheels of the same size as well, because different sized wheels can throw off your traction and cause you to tilt over.

4. Leave autopilot on!

The little toggle above your movement controls is autopilot. By default, it’s turned on. You may have noticed your weapons aiming independently of your command – this is the autopilot automatically aiming for you. Once you have a second weapon on your tank like the machine gun, we recommend leaving autopilot on. Moving, aiming, and shooting is a lot for you to handle at once and with the help of autopilot your tank will be firing at maximum efficiency.

5. Utilize the base tank!

Behind your starting position in any battle is your base tank. This immobile tank is where your ground troops spawn from. You can actually move behind it but your opponent can’t, so if you want you can take advantage of this! Be careful though, because it will blow up if it’s hit too many times. Your ground troops won’t spawn anymore if the base tank is destroyed!

6. Play some random matches!

When you start out, you’ll be able to do the first couple of campaign levels no sweat. When you get to level 5, things start to get a little rough. If you’re having too much trouble with the campaign enemies, try playing some random player matches instead. You’ll go up against other players’ tank designs – though not in real time – at the cost of 10 coins per match. Winning however usually nets you around 100+ coins, so it’s a good way to upgrade your existing parts and purchase new ones.

That’s all for Super Tank Rumble! If you’ve got any other tank battling tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!