During the course of the year we have seen so many variations of the strategic game formula, going from traditional warfare to something involving launching cartoonish birds with a huge slingshot.

A more traditional strategic experience is now available for all wannabe battle commanders on iOS.

Wormhole Games has released its first title today, called Tank Nation. As you might have guessed from the name, you will be controlling a few tanks in battle. The game has some steampunk themes that permeate the whole experience.

The game uses a system not too different from Angry Birds, as you will have to do a pull back move to fire. Unlike the Rovio game, you will be able to move to adjust your trajectory. There are also different possible tanks set-ups, which will make each thank more suited for a specific situation.

Whatever you do in battle, you will spend some turn energy. Once the energy is up, the enemy will begin its turn so make sure to plan your moves accordingly.

Being a free to play game you can also spend real money to power up and upgrade your tanks. At the same time you can earn the money to upgrade your vehicles by simply playing the game but it’s definitely going to take more time.

Tank Nation also includes a multiplayer mode, which is unlocked after completing the first missions. Winning matches in multiplayer mode will award you some Tank Tokens, which are used to upgrade the tanks.

Tank Nation is now available on the App Store. As of now the game can only be played on iPad.