Best Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom | A Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List

Check out our guide to find out where we place each Cookie in the ultimate Cookie Run Kingdom Cookie Tier List!

How to Unlock Carpentry Shop in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Are you wondering what to do with all your Roll Cake Wood in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Fret no more! Once you unlock the Carpentry Shop, you’ll find a good use for all that wood. Carpentry Shop is a Goods Building where you make wooden stuff. Most of the items you make here would be used…

How to Unlock Barrel Inn in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Barrel Inn is one of the many buildings you can place in your Kingdom to manufacture useful items for your Cookies. The Inn will produce different types of drinks, including scrumptious root beer! The Barrel Inn makes items with very specific and limited uses, so you can currently only have one placed in your Kingdom….

Cookie Run: Kingdom Springtime with Cherry Blossom Event Tips

Spring has sprung in the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom, and with it is a brand new event. The Springtime with Cherry Blossom Event runs over a two week period and involves a brand new temporary currency, Sugar Blossom Petals, blossom-themed decor, and a new Epic rarity Cookie. Find out more below! Springtime With Cherry…