Sature is an absolutely amazing puzzle game, one that got me hooked instantly, even though its premise – a puzzle of colors – really didn’t sound interesting at all. But once you try it, you can hardly put it down and this means that you’ll be up for some real competition with your friends and even the AI, so I am here to help you get that extra advantage that you need in order to win all your games. This means that I have for you a bunch of Sature cheats and tips – a complete strategy guide just for you.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the details below that might help you get the upper hand in your future matches!

1. Analyze the board and your tiles
Each board is different and so are the pieces that you get. Start the game by analyzing both and trying to find the most advantageous places for you to place your tiles – try to also plan when to play them and what type of tiles to play (it might be better to keep the brighter ones for later to maximize their effect).

2. Analyze the tiles of your opponent
Look for color, intensity/brightness and the arrows that they have. Try to strategize in such a way that you not only get the most out of the tiles that you place, but you also minimize the effect of your opponent’s tiles. This might not be possible as soon as the game starts because there are a ton of options available, but after a few moves, you should really strategize and consider their tiles too.

3. Go on offense early on
I had no success with playing a defensive game and decided that the best defense – and easiest way to win a match is by going on the offense early on. Start by placing the tile that has its most arrows in the best position and then adjust your play to always be on the offensive, attacking the pieces placed by your opponent. Force them to go on the defensive and keep blasting them with your new pieces.

4. Color intensity matters
I am far from what could be considered an artistic type, but after playing the Sature for a while, you will start understanding how colors work and how the intensity affects the score. Try to keep the brightest pieces that you have for the offense (as in place them when they can affect the biggest number of pieces of your opponent) and go for the biggest differences (like using red on yellow or bright blue on green and so on).

5. Don’t waste your brightest colors
Placing a really bright color on a tile that affects no other tile is actually a waste – instead, place your tiles in areas that will always have an effect on a piece of your opponent’s. The one who places the tile has the advantage of it affecting the surrounding ones: this changes the colors of the pieces of your opponent and therefore their effect on the score will be lower.

6. Keep playing
In order to get to really understand how all the colors work, you should play a few games against the AI opponent – and increase their level as often as possible. Things will get a bit more difficult, but this will improve your game so that when you take on your friends (because that’s where the most fun is) you will be a bit readier than they are. Hopefully.

If you have other strategies and tips for those playing the amazing Sature game, let us know by commenting below.


  1. Hey! I’m a part of the team that made Sature and I want to say that this has some good tips. I found early on that playing a defensive game didn’t do me any favors. You want to attack, especially because the retaliation is always weaker. if you’re losing, start waiting to place down your tiles such that they will affect at least two of your opponent’s pieces.


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