I am playing Road Trip Warrior on my iPad and I simply can’t stop! This is a beautiful, addicting game with tons of features and great missions and manages to keep you hooked a long time. However, it is also a very challenging and difficult game, and therefore I have decided to share with you some tips & tricks, as well as Road Trip Warrior cheats in order to help you get as far as possible in the game or at least have the most fun!

So let’s check some strategy below, because it’s not all about reckless driving only:

1. Complete the missions!
Take them one at a time and complete them in whatever order you see fit. Have in mind that unless specified to meet all the requirements in a single race, you can complete missions in more races. But there are some that require you to complete the requirements in one single run and those are a real pain (I still remember the “deplete 5 boosts” early on…)

2. You can earn real life rewards
As you play, you receive points that can be spent to win real life rewards, like iTunes gift cards, Amazon cards and many, many more. Unfortunately, the offer is only for the US and UK, but if you’re playing from one of these countries, you have a brand new reason to do it! Tap the blue rocket icon in the main menu to see what rewards you can get.

3. Always keep the nitro burning
I know that you will end up in the back of a truck more often and get a premature “game over” but it’s the fun way to do it. Also, only by having the nitro activated you can get the Close Shave bonus which is one of the most rewarding things in the game in terms of coins. So make sure that you always keep the nitro running and you’ll earn more coins.

4. Stay away of trucks!
As much as I love nitro, I hate trucks. If hitting other cars usually lets you continue driving, hitting a truck is game over. So whenever you see that there are some coming, maybe take your feet off the nitro pedal and wait for the danger to pass.

5. Guide your car based on the street markings
Except for the rare random moments when cars decide to change lanes, they drive in a pretty straight route and it’s really easy to position your car base on the markings on the road – this is actually the best way to do it at those insane speeds.

6. Get a new car ASAP
The car you start with is pretty crappy. Get the Manero first (it’s just 1,850 coins) which, even though has a slightly slower speed, has much better handling. Then work hard to save 25,000 and get the Sasha 56 before even dreaming about Little Anne or Cameron. Don’t forget that you have to “equip” the care after purchasing it and you can do it from the main menu, by swiping the bar at the bottom.

7. Go for the Close Shaves
The easiest way to make money in the game is to go for close shaves, and the reward grows more the more close shaves you get in a row. This is vital because you need all the money and they are not easy to get in Road Trip Warrior.

8. What upgrades to buy?
There is not a huge variety in terms of upgrades in the game, but I would suggest getting the Close Shave Bonus first, then the Mileage Bonus. The Nice landing bonus doesn’t really deserve investing in until you get the Sasha 56 car. I would advise against buying utilities (that basically allow you to skip some in game missions) unless you really are stuck and don’t believe you will ever be able to complete that mission.

9. Cheat by buying bucks
If you’re out of money but high on real life cash, you can spend some dollars to get in-game bucks. The more you spend, the better the deal, but try not to ruin your bank account on it!

10. Go for mystery boxes
Whenever you see those golden boxes, make sure you get them because they will always hold some nice in-game coins inside!

11. Don’t always follow the road
There are some areas in the game when you don’t really have to stay on the road – coins, signs to be destroyed and more await you there so don’t always play it safe.

12. Don’t try the barrel roll always!
Sometimes after hitting a car at very high speed, your own vehicle will jump. Avoid to tilt your device left or right then because you won’t be able to do a complete barrel roll and it will be game over for you!

What other strategies seemed to work for you in Road Trip Warrior for iPhone and iPad? Let us know by commenting below!