Developer Cosmografik and publisher HebdoDigital have commemorated the launch of their new typography-based puzzle-platformer Type: Rider for iOS with a new debut trailer that shows off the game’s unique, quirky, and educational gameplay.

In Type: Rider, players control two dots and solve puzzles by guiding them through various environments and sliding them through type-themed words. Progressing through the game’s 10 different worlds earns the player pages which eventually form a book that outlines the history of typography, starting with early cave paintings and moving on into eras such as the Italian Renaissance and, as the game’s title infers, the invention of the type writer and computer.

Each world has its own distinct visual style, layouts, obstacles, puzzles, and audio score which helps make them all feel unique despite the cohesive nature of the story the game is telling. Interested players can snag Type: Rider from the iTunes app store for $2.99 and those who are on the fence about the game’s charming and unique premise can give the below trailer a watch.