Sorus Shield

Tetris is one of the more popular puzzle games ever released so it’s not surprising to see games inspired by it that feature a different spin on its tried and true gameplay formula. One of these games inspired by classic Tetris has been released on the App Store recently, a game that comes with a very interesting setting and features.

In Sorus Shield, developed by Marcus Dobler Applications, players have to save the universe from aliens by destroying their light mines. The spaceship Sorus is armed with a special weapons that can destroy these mines as long as all mines fill all the spaces in a line, just like Tetris. When all mines in a stage have been destroyed, players can move along and play the next.

Destroying mines in Sorus Shield won’t always be as simple as it is in the first stages, as players will have to deal with a variety of different obstacles. With the game featuring 101 missions and two different game modes – Mission and Arcade, there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Sorus Shield is now available on the App Store in all regions. You can learn more about the game by checking out the trailer below.