One of the most anticipated iOS games has finally been released: Plants vs Zombies 2 is available for the entire world now and we’ve played it for several hours now in order to be able to bring you a complete Plants vs Zombies 2 cheats article, filled with tips and tricks that will help you protect the house, kill all the zombies and do it in style. I am sure that sounds nice, so let’s get this started!

1. Sun keeps you warm, gives you plants
I guess you already know that: you start the game by placing a sunflower then as soon as you have the resources, you purchase the second one. My strategy is to always have two full columns of sunflowers planted: this way, I will never ever worry about sun again. Unlike other players who plant them on the first two rows, I do it slightly differently: first column is the obvious choice, but the next set of sunflowers goes to the third one. I do this for two reasons: later in the game when zombies get too far they will destroy these plants and not the offensive ones. It won’t be a big problem, because if they don’t do it, I will remove them to plant offensive units because when you have pretty much filled every square, there’s no need for sunflowers anymore.

2. Always protect your plants!
Placing the pumpkins is the best way to protect them and I always try to have a complete line of pumpkins in the way of the zombies. I prefer them to the free freezing plant or the exploding potato because they simply slow things down a lot and give me the chance to reassess the situation and plan my moves accordingly. Make sure that you place them as close to the starting line of the zombies though, not to risk having to place offensive plants in front of them.

3. In the survival stages, act fast!
You don’t have a choice here and you have to use what is thrown to you. Usually, you will place the offensive plants on the row that requires it the most and defensive plants on rows that have no offense yet. Just make sure that you’re always on your toes, ready to quickly use each plant and place it where the need for it is the biggest.

4. Potato mine buys you time
I am not always a fan of this strategy, but it works: get the cheap potato mine with you in each level and you will get a free option to blow away enemies and give you time to get your base in shape. Although you can get past using the potato mine early in the game, the later stages make it a must have!

5. Never start with more that one plant food
It’s extremely expensive at 1,000 coins and usually you will get a few during each mission. Also make sure to use them all before the mission’s end, otherwise you won’t see them again.

6. Only use the special powers if really needed
We have three different power-ups that are extremely useful, my favorite being the “throw away” one. But try not to use them in the regular missions as you can really make it without using them. The special missions or star missions might require you to use them, but don’t waste your coins and make sure that you only use them when it’s really needed!

7. Learn the patterns
If you happen to fail a level, you already have an advantage: you know how the zombies will attack (they always come in the same order). So re-think your strategy and plant the best plants on the lanes.

8. IAPs are not a must
Many people are complaining that IAPs are ruining the game. You really don’t have to buy them though as all levels can be completed without real money being spent on them. Actually, those mega plants just ruin the balance of the game and turn you into a zombie Terminator (which is a good thing if that’s what you are aiming for).

9. Maximize the use of your plants
There is really no point in placing a pea shooter on a lane filled with tombstones – place plants that throw over obstacles instead. Also, using the Bloomerang is a good idea in such stages as the boomerang hits everything in its way – twice! So learn what each plant does and use that at full capacity!

And this would be it for now for our Plants vs Zombies 2 article for the iPhone and iPad game. Do you have other tricks up your sleeve? Let us know by commenting below!