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Tower of Fantasy Login Status Exception Error Fix

Tower of Fantasy: How to Fix Login Status Exception Exiting the Game Error

Being a live-service action MMORPG, Tower of Fantasy is plagued with many technical and server-related issues that some players encounter while trying...

Where to Find Icecore in Tower of Fantasy

Icecore is one of the ascension materials in Tower of Fantasy that players need to ascend Frost-element weapons to upgrade them for...
Tower of Fantasy Characters List

How to Pre-Download Tower of Fantasy

We share the Tower of Fantasy pre-download schedule while talking about how you can pre-download the game on different platforms.

Tower of Fantasy: All T2 Password Chest Location

T1 Password Chests are common triangle-shaped metal boxes with a password that players can decipher using a Type 1 Chip or force...

When Does Bounty Missions Unlock in Tower of Fantasy

Bounty Missions are daily quests in Tower of Fantasy that players can complete to get a ton of EXP, Gold Nucleus, Black...
Tower of Fantasy Omnium Tower (1)

All Omnium Tower Location in Tower of Fantasy

Omnium Towers are huge structures in Tower of Fantasy that play a vital role in the game's lore and exploration. Players must...

How to Create or Join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy

Crew is like a guild system in Tower of Fantasy that players can create or join to play with a selected group...

Does Tower of Fantasy Support Cross-Save and Cross-Progression Between Mobile and PC? Answered

We answer whether Tower of Fantasy has shared progression or not.

Does Tower of Fantasy Support Crossplay Feature? Answered

We share details on Tower of Fantasy crossplay feature.

How to Redeem Codes in Tower of Fantasy

The Redeem Code feature in Tower of Fantasy is hidden behind a series of options that many new and some old players...

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