Cookie Run: Kingdom Bonds Guide

Once you get some groups of Cookies that share a relationship, you will additionally obtain some perks or bonus effects. The relationships of the Cookies are clearly shown in the brief stories describing how the Cookies are connected. So, you will get some buffs through Cookie Bonds and what is beneficial is that they all…

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Characters – Every Character Currently in the Game

Over 150 Cookies are available to play with in Cookie Run Ovenbreak- but which is your favorite sweet hero?

What are the New Cookie Costumes in Cookie Run: Kingdom Halloween Update?

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Halloween update came with a new cookie– Pumpkin Pie Cookie— and a range of costumes for many of the other Cookies. There are 47 new costumes right now but there’s little doubt that future updates will bring us even more in a variety of themes. A handful of the new costumes are…

How to Spend Mileage Points Properly in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a built-in pity system when it comes to its gacha mechanics. Every time you spend premium currency and pull for random Cookies, you will earn Mileage Points, which is a special currency that can be redeemed for helpful items and rare Cookies. Today, we’ll show you how to properly spend Mileage…

Best Toppings for the Clotted Cream Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom – Toppings Guide

Check out our guide to find out what the best Cookie Toppings are for Clotted Cream Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom