Another hot week in terms of new game releases for iPhones and iPads and another reason for us to take out some money out of our pockets. With hot releases like Breach & Clear (we’ve already talked about it a couple of days ago), Call of Mini Inifity, a Pac Man endless runner and much, much more, I think it’s time to check out the new game launches and decide what games to purchase or download for free.

So here are in no particular order the new iOS releases for July 17th!

Breach & Clear

breach clear

Possibly the hottest release of this week, it clearly has the TTP staff extremely excited. A must buy tactical shooter that sells at $1.99. Check out the trailer:

iTunes link: Breach & Clear

Call of Mini Infinity

02 - call of mini infinity

Another game in the “Call of Mini” franchise, Infinity will certainly deliver the same amount of fun and tons of action. If you have already played a Call of Mini game and liked it, chances are that you will like this one too.

iTunes link: Call of Mini Infinity


03 pac man dash

No, I’m not screaming, this is how the developers decided to call this new Pac Man game. The catch? It’s an endless runner, so it’s certainly one worth giving a shot, just to see how the transition to the obvious genre has been made. Bonus: it’s free!

iTunes link: PAC-MAN DASH

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

05 lsl

Many of the iPhone owners today have grown up playing LSL games and for them especially this remake will mean true gold. The adventure genre is no longer as popular as it was back in the days and the crude humor is no longer what it used to be because people are easily offended and always politically correct, but Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded for iOS-powered devices gets back to the basics and provides hours of mobile fun. For $4.99

iTunes link: Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Bloons TD Battles

06 bloons td battles

Ninja Kiwi still have the resources to come up with new ideas for “Bloons” games and even though they’re not as big as they used to be once, these tower defense games have evolved together with the primates that love shooting down balloons and Bloons TD Battles is a good entry in the series that will satisfy both veteran players as well as fans of the tower defense genre.

iTunes link: Bloons TD Battles

Dolmus Driver

07 dolmus driver

An endless runner featuring a taxi-like vehicle known to everybody who has ever visited Turkey? Nitro boosts and traffic and great visuals? Sign me in for this one, a great endless runner for the fans of the genre looking for something new.

iTunes link: Dolmus Driver

Kamikaze Pigs

08 kamikaze pigs

For 99 cents you get a true bullet hell adventure and a bit of pig meat for free (virtual pork, of course) in Kamikaze Pigs, an extremely fun action-puzzle game. Upgrades, achievements and the option to compete against friends are all here in this action-packed puzzler with pigs. Oink Oink.

iTunes link: Kamikaze Pigs

Sky Gamblers: Cold War

09 sky

Although I am not personally a fan of this type of games, we have to give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and admit that we’re talking about a true feast for the eye dog-fighting game for iOS and fans of the genre will surely be pleased. Coop and competitive multiplayer modes, engaging gameplay and those almost unbelievably beautiful visuals almost make me get my leather pilot hat on and start playing!

iTunes link: Sky Gamblers: Cold War

Twin Moons

10 twin moons

A charming hidden object adventure game from G5 Entertainment and Cateia Games, beautiful visuals and a story that gives you the creeps – these are all elements of a genre that isn’t getting too much mainstream attention, but certainly deserves it, so why not start by playing Twin Moons?

iTunes link: Twin Moons

What do you think about our picks from the new set of iOS games released today for iOS? Anything that looks particularly interesting?