This week is a really hot week with a ton of interesting iOS being released for mobile game fans and clearly one of the most productive weeks in terms of sheer number of releases so far this year. Probably the hot weather is really doing wonders to the minds of the developers.

But back to our topic, we have a bunch of great games launched this week, like the vampire game Bloodmasque from Square Enix, Physics puzzler Lums, empire building Throne Wars and much, much more. Read on to find out about every single hot release this week!


An age of darkness has fallen as vampires rule over mankind, and only the half-vampire hunters can herald the dawn. You are the hunter, stalking your bloodthirsty prey to deliver humanity from the deathless clutches of tyranny. Nice element comes from the fact that you can take a photo of your face and use it to create your hero. In other words, Inifnity Blade with some RPG elements. And vampires. Check out the trailer:

iTunes link: Bloodmasque


A completely different take on the Vampire genre, Lums is an action puzzler that borrows bits from Angry Birds, but comes with an unique gameplay and amazing puzzles, turning it into one of the most surprising launches of the week and a must buy for players of all ages! Check out the trailer and you’ll see why:

iTunes link: Lums (and Lums Free)

Throne Wars

throne wars

An empire building slash strategy game from the creators of Royal Revolt, Throne Wars seems to follow the classic gameplay features and style of the genre but still looks good and provides a new challenge, plus a bit of eye candy.

iTunes link: Throne Wars

Shuffling the Deck: Pacific Rim Edition

pacific rim

In case you’re extremely hyped about Pacific Rim, now there’s a trading card game to keep you busy fighting against the Kaiju and give you control of the Jaegers. Over 100 cards and multiplayer mode for up to 4 players battling the Kaiju and you have a real treat in Shuffling the Deck!

iTunes link: Shuffling the Deck: Pacific Rim Edition (iPad only)

A Ride Into The Mountains

The relic in the mountain was invaded by an evil force and darkness begin to spread. A brave young man, who rides into the mountains will battle against the mystical demons with his family’s unique archery skills. In other words, pixelated graphics, interesting gameplay and 99 cents to give away happily. Check out a trailer to see (a lot) more:

iTunes link: A Ride Into The Mountains

Sky Tourist

Another extremely interesting game, a puzzle platformer with cutesy graphics and lots of worlds to expire, Sky Tourist puts you in the shoes of Petey who discovers alien worlds and has fun doing it. Bonus: looks like an insanely difficult game for the hardcore players. Check out a trailer for more on this game:

iTunes link: Sky tourist

Dreamscapes: The Sandman


A hidden object adventure game that we have already reviewed, Dreamscapes: The Sandman is creepy and still fun and clearly a must play for the fans of the genre and for those who are sleepy and need reasons to be kept awake a few days. Oh, the nightmares!

iTunes link: Dreamscapes: The Sandman

Super Juice Master 5000

it is the future, and alien invaders have enslaved the human race. The only thing keeping them from wiping humanity from planet Earth is your ability to make delicious juice beverages. Should you fail in your quest to create these juices, they will not hesitate to destroy us all! Humorous, quick, fun and incredibly addictive, Super Juice Master 5000 might not look like much at first, but clearly is! Watch the trailer:

iTunes link: Super Juice Master 5000

League of Mages

Fight against other players in magic duels and become the best wizard in the League of Mages! Master your wizarding skills and develop powerful spells. Turn your opponent into a block of ice or roast them with a burning ball; but don’t forget to dodge the counterattack! Take part in tournaments, win valuable prizes and advance your name to the top of the world rankings! Moving images below:

iTunes link: League of Mages

Battle Rush

An endless runner that promises to take the genre to the next chapter by introducing player versus player battles. Now that’s something I have to check out and probably the same goes for you too:

iTunes link: Battle Rush

And there are 14 more games, but I am too lazy to write about them. Nah, just kidding – these only are the games that seem to deserve a spot in this article and I really hope that you will enjoy them, especially since most of them are free!