Monsta Brick Breaker is a unique take on the Breakout gameplay formula, made famous by countless games like Arkanoid and many others.

In Monsta Brick Breaker not only you will have to deal with the usual bricks to destroy but also with enemies walking over the blocks. Once the enemies are falling, you can keep them off the ground wait for the ball to destroy them for some extra points.

As you can see the game doesn’t really break new ground. It’s still quite fun though, the perfect game to play on the go for a few minutes. Being a free game surely will help it in becoming popular enough.

If you want to enjoy the game more and don’t have time to experiment with all the power-ups, here’s a quick guide that will cover the most basic elements of the game.

  • Power Ups

Monsta Brick Breaker features a good number of power ups. The green power ups provide multiple special effects: a bigger shield to keep the ball flying, a magnet that can keep the ball in place, a rocket that can destroy anything in its path and a splitter that divides your ball in three different ones. The blue power-ups are multipliers that will make you earn more points. The Red power-up aren’t actually power-ups since they will only provide negative effects like reduce shield size and more. Avoid them at all costs: dealing with the negative effects is no easy thing in this game.

  • Suppa Monster Meter

The Suppa Monster Meter is an additional mechanic that’s never been featured in other Breakout inspired games. In order to fill the meter you will have to collect fuel that falls during each stage together with the power-ups. Once the meter is filled, you will be able to breath fire and transform blocks in actual coins. You can control the flame by dragging your finger accross the screen.

  • Unlocking Monsters

While most monsters aren’t nothing more than cosmetic changes, a few ones come with some unique special abilities, like the Miamsta Glouba who can attract coins, Chewpuke Gawak who gives you double points and Magic Tiki, who doubles coins. You’ll require quite a lot of coins to unlock them. Considering that new stages are also unlocked with coins, you will have to decide between new characters and new stages.

Among the unlockable characters is the Classic Paddle, which will make you feel like you’re playing the classic Breakout.

Monsta Brick Breaker is now available for download on the App Store.