The beloved Kingdom Hearts series has finally comes to iOS! Experience a brand new adventure in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X! Instead of Sora and company, YOU are the hero of this story! Become a powerful keyblade wielder and utilize magical medals, which house the power of various Disney and Final Fantasy heroes and friends. Let’s get started with our Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Explore the areas!

Before you seek out and destroy your target heartless, be sure to take a look around the worlds. You’ve probably noticed that there are sparkles lying around sometimes. Running over them will reward you with crafting materials. You can use these materials to power up your various keyblades!

2. Remember the weapon triangle!

Each medal has a type. Power is red and is strong against speed. Speed is green and is strong against magic. Magic is blue and is strong against power. Using an effective type against the right enemy will result in a big damage increase, so try to bring medals built around the heartless you’re going to face!

3. Bring the right keyblade!

When you’re selecting a quest, you’ll see one of the type icons listed next to it. This icon represents what type you’re going to be facing the most in the quest. With this knowledge, you can prepare ahead and bring the right medals, as mentioned above. You can also try bringing different keyblades! If you notice, the top medal slot for the starting keyblade Starlight is shining blue. This means that magic medals placed in this slot will receive a small power boost. When you receive the next keyblade – Treasure Trove – it has a power slot on the bottom. Try to match the keyblade with your medals!

4. Complete the objectives!

Each quest has three objectives for you to complete. You should try to do all of them if you can, but don’t worry if you mess up, as you can just replay the quest. The last of the objectives will reward you with crafting materials, but the first two reward you with a special currency called “avatar coins”. These coins are really important for improving your character so don’t skip out on these objectives!

5. Level up on the avatar board!

So, where do you spend these avatar coins? We’re glad you asked! On the avatar board, you’ll see sets of different kinds of clothes for your avatar. Upon closer inspection, each set has a board. These boards contain nodes which must be powered up with avatar coins. Doing so gives you a permanent increase to your character’s stats, making them stronger. You also unlock new clothing parts! Completing as many avatar boards as you can is key to making you stronger, so now you know why the objectives are so important!

6. Go for the 1-turn triumph!

Defeating all the heartless in a battle without letting them take a turn will result in a 1-turn triumph. You’ll gain bonus lux and special orbs from doing so, which usually guarantees one full bar of your special gauge. The key to getting these triumphs to use the right type of medals, know when to group attack and single attack, and using special abilities. Group attacking hits all heartless in the battle but at reduced power, while single hitting do normal damage. If you have the special to spare, consider using your special abilities as well. Often times one of the quest objectives will be to get a 1-turn triumph on every battle in the quest, so try to get the hang of it!

7. Power up your medals!

Medals can be leveled up by sacrificing other medals. If you use same-type medals in the process, you’ll earn extra experience for your base medal. If you happen to get the triple ducks – Huey, Dewey, and Louie – level up your favorite medals with these guys. They’re worth a ton of experience, and they’re actually not even usable in battle, so use them to level up! Huey is power, Louie is speed, and Dewey is magic.

8. Check the daily event!

If you go to the quests and look under the Special category, you’ll find dungeons that are only accessibly during certain days. For example, for Friday, the “Evolve Medals” and “Starlight Materials” quests are open. You can easily find evolution medals in the first quest and materials for upgrading the Starlight keyblade in the second quest. Be sure to check in every day to see what new special quest is available!

That’s all for now. Next time, we’ll be back with another guide on Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. I have a comment . I been playing this game on my android phone and i just wanted to say that i love all the kingdom heart games. Now i do have a question about this game Kingdom Hearts unchained x and that is How do i unlock the other two remaining slots in the keyblade so i can put all at least 4 or 5 medals in them . That is all thank you

    • you have to collect enough of the materials to upgrade the keyblades to their highest potential. you can collect these items when on quests in story-mode, running through the sparkly things (sorry for the choice of words), or by completing the the quests on special-mode– friday is for the starlight keyblade, tuesday is for treasure trove, thursday is for lady luck, wednesday is for three wished, and monday is for olympia.

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        Enjoy !!

    • You have to strengthen your keyblade with the material you collect during each quest. You’ll see a number associated with each medal slot, yiu need to strengthen it til it reaches that number then the medal slot will open.

    • Right, you have to upgrade your Keyblades. So far I have collected enought to upgrade all of the keyblades, with the exception of one Orinaculcum (sp?). I have maxed out the levels and gotten to level 171. Leveling up your keyblades will also boost your medal modifiers, making you do more damage. Make sure to place your strongest medals in those slots on your Keyblade to pack an extra punch,.

  2. I have a question about the Olympia keyblade. I upgraded it til it said keyblade max level, so i cant upgrade anymore but yet there is still a locked slot, so how do I unlock it?

    • you have to wait until the game is updated, according to the japanese version of the game that slot is unlocked at +23, but right now the highest keyblade level is +20, so waiting for an update is all you can do. (in the japanese version of the game the max keyblade level was incresed from +20 to +25, and just recently it was increased from +25 to +27)

  3. I have a question. I have run into my meals occasionally doing a double turn.. is this a glitch or what is causing it? Didn’t notice it happen to I had the stroke of midnight keyblade.


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