The sequel to platform game Joe Danger is finally close to release, launching tomorrow on the App Store in all regions. Or later today, if you’re one of those guys who think that midnight is still today.

Jokes aside, Joe Danger Infinity will offer the same fun and engaging experience of its predecessor, twisting the endless runner formula a bit. Unlike other games of the genre, Joe Danger Infinity features hand made levels that come one after the other once they’re completed. This feature makes the game stand out from many other games, as you’re feeling like you are actually ending somewhere with your endless running.

Just like in the first game, Joe Danger will be moving automatically, with players having to make him jump, duck, do tricks and much more. New to Joe Danger Infinity are some vehicles which spice up the experience a bit like tanks, fireworks and planes. Included in the latest Joe Danger adventure are also new boosts, improved leaderboards and many more susprises we won’t be spoiling you. Where would be the fun if we told you all the new features of Joe Danger Infinity?

Joe Danger Infinity will launch at midnight on the App Store for the cost of $2.99. If you want to learn more about the game you can check out a gameplay video right below. Hurry up, as Joe Danger and his friends aren’t know for staying still for too long!

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