Guardian Codex (abbreviated GCX) is a brand new RPG game launched for iOS and Android by Square Enix. For fans of the famed developer, the game is right there with its character design and feel, while fans of the genre will find it a nice play indeed. It is a bit slow in my opinion, but it’s worth all the trouble and I am here to help make the experience even better by sharing with you some Guardian Codex cheats and tips to unlock all Guardians, win all battles and get the most out of the game.

So if you want to improve your game a little bit or maybe learn some things you didn’t know, read on for Touch Tap Play’s Guardian Codex tips and tricks!

Don’t waste skill points!
This is probably one of the most important bits of advice I can offer. Skill Points are gained when you level up, and that’s really difficult to achieve. Also, skill points can’t be reset (at least at the moment of writing this guide), meaning that your choices are permanent. So make sure you don’t waste any skill point: spend all the time you need to read all the descriptions of the skills and then select the ones you consider the best for your play style!

Keep grabbing Guardians
There are a ton of Guardians available in GCX and you should always spend your coins on unlocking more. Always get the 10-Grab in order to increase your chances of getting better Guardians. I got some really rare draws from there and otherwise awesome Guardians, so it’s worth spending constantly there. It’s the easiest way to build a super team (or more) fast!

Rebirthing Guardians
When you have two of the same type of Guardians, you can use the Rebirth option: this sacrifices one of the Guardians, but unlocks a new type for the said guardian. Each new type (like Brave, Powerful and so on) has a different effect on your guardian, but you must select it manually. This is extremely important, because for a while I was rebirthing my guardians and noticed no change. So make sure that you go to your Guardian’s details after rebirth and select the new type.

You can check out, in the same menu, what changes each rebirth will make. In some cases, you might see that rebirthing that Guardian over and over again isn’t really worth it and instead you might gain more from selling them.

Grinding & Autoplay are your friends
Grinding on previous levels becomes a must eventually and in this case, Autoplay is your friend. Just let the game play by itself on your desk while you do other important things (like writing a guide for Guardian Codex). I have often tried the Autoplay for new missions as well and as long as you have a solid team and the correct elements for battle, you should have nothing to worry about as the AI does a pretty good job. This goes well hand in hand with the fact that, even though grinding on levels doesn’t give you any extra Renown, it does add extra XP points to your Guardians, therefore making it a must if you want to level up all your teams quickly.

Always have the elements in mind
Like most games of this type, Guardian Codex follows the Rock-Paper-Scissor principle, meaning that one element is stronger than another and weak against a third element (in most cases). Therefore, always consider the elements before going to battle and try to bring a team with Guardians that are stronger than the ones you are facing. Also make sure to take advantage of the extra pick you are allowed to bring into battle: especially early on in the game, that Guardian can be a real game changer, especially if you get the right one.

Add friends for their Guardians
As I was saying above, the fourth Guardian you can bring into battle is extremely important. In order to make sure that you always have great ones to choose from, it’s wise to add friends and always have access to their top Guardian. In order to do so, if you don’t have real life friends playing the game, just send requests to those you use in battle. Send requests over and over again and make sure you always have active players in your list (you want guardians of the highest possible level in order to give you the maximum help in battle).

Build more teams
Although you can definitely change your team as you see fit and as the situation requires it, it would be better if you took advantage of the option to create two or three teams (depending on where you are in the game). Create teams of different elements to use in different areas – and maybe a team of “beginners” that you will use to grind on lower levels in order to level up your Guardians. Eventually, you will see that you need a really mixed set of guardians in order to quickly get through the battle, so working with more than one team and definitely a lot more than just three guardians is a must!

Equip items!
Make sure that you always have your Guardians equipped with the best available gear! Swap items that become obsolete with new ones and make sure that all the guardians that you use in your main teams have at least some items equipped.

How to unlock more Guardians?
As I already said earlier, the easiest method to boost your ranks is by buying the 10-shot pack from the store as often as possible. But another important method exists: unlock the corresponding Skills using your Skill points and you can create your own guardians using fragments (which are dropped randomly when you battle) or even upgrade your existing ones with an extra star, making them better than they were before. All these methods require a lot of time and resources, but eventually, if you play daily, you will get there sooner rather than later!

How to build the perfect team
With so many characters available to choose from in Guardian Codex and just three spots in your team (plus the friend spot), choosing the right ones for the job is usually vital and, in later battles, can make the difference between a win and a loss. My advice would be to always bring your best guardians to important battles: equip them with the best items you have available, have them of the highest possible level and know their skills. Those who can attack all enemies are usually extremely important as they do a lot of damage to all targets. Usually, having a healer in your team is a must. On most occasions, I try to get the friend spot to fill that role, but always have a healer (one that heals the entire team) ready in case one is not guaranteed from your friends.

If you decide to fight the battles by yourself, you need to pay attention to two important things: the mana of your guardians (you get 2 extra mana with each new turn) and how much the opponents have until they attack. Usually, it’s a good idea to focus on those who attack often and take them out quickly, then focus on those who take a lot of time to charge but also have a lot of hit points. The idea in each battle is to take out as many opponents as fast as possible and have as few of them deal damage to your team. Always keep at least 3 mana for the final, boss battle, but always use it smartly in previous waves as well.

These would be our Guardian Codex tips and tricks. If you have more to share with us, let us know by commenting below!