Everyone loves robots. No one loves repairing them.

While this is true for pretty much everyone, I’m sure things will change on the repairing side pretty soon, if you have an iOS device and love puzzle games.

Tetrobot and Co. will soon be released on the App Store, as announced today by Swing Swing Submarine. If you’ve been following puzzle games for some time, you already now that the team already released a puzzle/ platform game called Blocks That Matter.

Tretrobot and Co. is the sequel to Blocks That Matter and features the same little Tetrobot, a robot that can hit, drill and recycle blocks.

While Tetrobot was the one doing the fixing in the original game, here he is the one that needs to be fixed, as the small Psychobot will enter Tretrobot to fix everything that is wrong with him.

In Tetrobot and Co. gamers will be arranging pipes, guiding and lasers and more to complete each of the game’s stages. You’ll also have to collect some hidden boxes found inside the stage to improve the poor Tetrobot’s condition.

If you’re looking for a good number of puzzles and a long playtime you’ll find what you’re looking for in Tetrobot and Co since the game will feature over 50 stages.

Tetrobot and Co. will be released in the near future on the App Store on a yet to be revealed date. You can check out what the game is all about by taking a look at the video found right below.

[fresh_video url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60cvNd9o0us”]