If playing racing games on the go is your thing, you will be happy to know that a new futuristic racing game will be released later this month on the App Store in all regions.

We’re talking about Flashout 2, sequel to Flashout 3D, another futuristic racer developed by Jujubee Games Studio.

The new game does pretty much everything you expect out of a game like this: fast paced action, weapons to defeat your opponents, lines to follow to get ahead of your opponents, boosts and more. Everything is made more captivating by the stylish presentation that makes every elements of the game stand out from the competition.

The game is also perfect to play on the go, since tracks are short but filled with fun. If you have a friend who like the game, you can also play together in a new multiplayer mode.

Gamers who don’t like touch and motion controls for racing games will be happy to know that they will be able to use their iOS controllers as soon as the game releases, since developers have included controller support in the game.

Flashout 2 will release on the App Store on March 27th. Make sure to check the game out if you’re looking for a racing experience that’s fast paced, exciting and perfect to play on the go.