The IAPs might be very annoying in Football Seasons, but the game itself is pretty nice, so after playing several seasons, I have decided to share with you some Football Seasons cheats: a set of tips and tricks for the iPhone and iPad game that will hopefully turn you into a champion. Multiple times. And so on (you get the idea, right?)

Even though Football Seasons is a game where luck pays a pretty big part, there are things that you can use to your advantage and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s check out the Football Seasons cheats below!

1. How to train your cards
You will start the game with 7 cards in your deck and the way you train them can make the difference between losing and winning at the end of the season. None of the cards that you start with have the “Team Play” bonus that allows you to draw a new card from your deck after playing your card. This is an extremely valuable power-up to have and I would suggest getting this training for 4 of your cards (generally, the low strength ones that you will play just to get new cards). Out of the tree remaining cards, you will want to train 2 with Reputation for the extra dollars and fame and finally, your last card (one with a strenght of at least 2) must get the strength treatment. This will be your power card for starters.

2. Buy new cards every month
Chances are that you have not unlocked too many cards and you won’t be able to buy new ones for months. But always check the cards that are on sale (even during the training phase and in January) and buy as many as you can afford. There are better and worse cards, but the worst thing in this game is having NO cards. Make sure that you have enough cards that allow you to draw a new one from the deck, otherwise you will risk having too many cards but being unable to play them.

3. Always spend your remaining cash at the end of the season
Before the last set of games of the seasons, don’t forget to spend any cash you might have for fame. You can pay 10 cash for 1 fame, and that’s exactly what you should do.

4. Judge opponent power based on fame gain
Each match has the potential of earning you some fame. The more fame you can win, the tougher the opponent. Therefore, in the early stages in the Champions groups, a 1 fame can be easily defeated with 4-5 strength while for 2 fame I would play it safe with 6. Same goes for cup games.

5. Focus on the Big Matches
In the league, there are two types of games you will play: the small matches against regular opponents and the big matches. Focus on the Big matches as opposed to getting the most points from the small matches, because big matches not only allow you 3 points for winning, but also give you a nice boost of fame. The idea in the league is to make sure that you don’t go too low (to lose fame) – the league is usually the worthless part of the pack and doesn’t bring you too much fame, which is needed to win the game.

6. How to earn free credits
You won’t get too many to unlock all the cards, but you can get some by: connecting the game with your Facebook account, posting your code on the Facebook wall or use your code for new players (you get 50 credits for every new player that you get to join) and a one time 50 credits bonus if you use a code. In order to find your invite code, you should hit the “Earn” button in the main menu. Alternately, you will earn a few credits for logging in daily or winning trophies.

7. What cards to buy
Ideally, you should unlock all cards in a pack at once since it’s cheaper than unlocking them one by one. However, since that is pretty expensive, you will want to go for the cheaper cards instead. Simply check out all the cards that are available, and look also the the dollar amount required to purchase them in game. The Sauna card in Equipments is a cheap and good card, the Leader, Vet and Charming are great cards to buy (since they can also be trained), and the Fans cards like the Supporters and Journalist are also great. There is some option in terms of cheaper cards, you just have to unlock as many as possible and hope to get them during your season.

8. The importance of competitions
The biggest fame gainer is the Champions cup, so make sure you stay there to the end and ideally win it. Usually all your opponents will still be there for a long time and if you don’t win it, your overall chances of getting a trophy will be greatly diminished. Next, I would suggest focusing on winning the big matches for the extra fame gain (and they are usually easier to win while all your opponents are in multiple competitions) and consider the league the least important – just make sure you don’t go into the penalty area.

9. Use the “Shuffle cards” button
If you got a really bad draw, you can use the Shuffle cards button in the settings menu and you will restart the month with a new draw, hopefully better.

And these would be our Football Seasons tips and tricks. Do you have any strategies that you use when playing? Let us know by commenting below.