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EverMerge Guide: Tips & Cheats To Merge All Items

EverMerge Guide: Tips & Cheats To Merge All Items

The land of EverMerge is home to some of your favorite storybook heroes – but they might look a little different here than what you are used to! All of your favorite heroes have been given a modern and realistic spin, giving them a fresh new look.

These well known heroes wanted to explore the land, but when a mysterious fog shrouds all of EverMerge in darkness, it is up to you to restore balance to the land!

EverMerge is a merging game where you collect resources and help restore EverMerge back to its former beauty. In our EverMerge tips and tricks guide, we will go over the merging basics and how to merge all of the objects in the game.

Let’s get started with our EverMerge cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to merge all items!

Get the Merge Bonus

As you know, you need at least three items of the same type to merge them. But, if you hang on a bit and merge at least five items, a merge bonus will occur and you will get more of the resulting item!

Merge bonuses trigger in intervals of five, so if you want an even bigger bonus, merging ten items all at once is a great way to get a huge pile of items.

Of course, this means that you are going to have a lot of random items lying around, so we do not recommend this until you have uncovered a decent amount of land. Otherwise, you will quickly find yourself out of space!

Complete Hero Orders

The main method of progression in EverMerge goes something like this: unlock a new hero, listen to their request, fulfill their order, then receive wands. Wands are used to get rid of fog and uncover new areas of the map.

To complete a hero’s request, you will need to craft them an item using the special resources, like candy and wheat. In the case of Sleeping Beauty, the first hero you will encounter, she will often ask you for different kinds of sweet pastries, and they will all require candy and wheat.

These resources are limited and they must be collected from their respective tree/sprout/etc. Candies come from candy trees naturally, wheat comes from wheat fields, and so forth.

These resource nodes do not disappear when they are harvested, but it takes a few hours for a new batch to grow in.

To keep your supplies steady, it is recommend to log into the game every now and then to collect you earnings. This will also start the timers on them again, so you can harvest more resources later on.

Note that resource items cannot be merged, so go ahead and collect them right away. In general, anything that is flashing cannot be merged.

Completing orders also rewards you with experience points (the crowns). You must be a certain level before you are allowed to expand any further, so keep on fulfilling orders to make it through the game.

As a side note: wands CAN be merged, so if you are not in a rush to unlock a new area of the map, you can hold onto wands for more of them in the long run.

Unlocking New Heroes

There are special items that when merged will unlock a new hero for you. If you keep merging everything you come across, you should have no problems discovering them.

For example, the second character you unlock will be Puss in Boots, and you unlock him by merging boots all the way up to level 3.

Check out Discoveries

Every time you make a new merge, the item is recorded in your discovery book. The discovery book shows you every single item you have created in the game, and everything is categorized by type of item. If you ever forget how to make a specific item, this is a good thing to reference.

Even better is that if you have made a new item for the first time, you can collect a one-time reward of a few coins from it. If you see a treasure chest icon anywhere, tap on it to collect the coin bonus. Keep merging new items and you will be rich!

Use Magic Crystals Wisely

Magic crystals are discovered for the first time when you unlock the 15 wand area near your starting point. Magic crystals contain enough magical energy in them to essentially skip the step of having at least three items to merge.

If you have two items, you can use a magic crystal to advance two items into the next step. For example, two wooden frames plus a magic crystal will result in two wooden buildings, which would have normally taken at least five wooden frames!

As you can see, magic crystals are incredibly valuable but make sure that you do not use them willy nilly! They are extremely rare and very hard to come across, so use them for hard to make merges.

Expedite your Building

You start the game with two worker gnomes. Some items after they are merged must be built before they are considered finished, and you need your worker gnomes to do so.

When both of your gnomes are working on a building, you must wait for one of them to finish before you can start working on something else.

When a gnome gets close to finishing a building – roughly when the building has about 30% of its build time left – a button will appear under the building that says “free” and it will instantly finish the building. It is worth it to stick around so that you can expedite your building processes.

Using Energy

The various trees you will uncover are great sources of wood, but they require energy to be chopped down. Your gnomes will take care of them as usual, but if you do not have enough energy then you must wait.

Taking down trees seems to be the only thing that requires energy, and eventually you will start to run into stronger trees that require more energy to take down.

Eventually you will run out of energy, but you can purchase a scratch ticket for free once a day from the energy shop. You will get a random amount of energy from it, so make sure to take advantage of it.

Completing Castles

You will eventually uncover a castle plot that requires four completed houses on it to build. Castles are huge investments as you can tell from the house requirements, but they are worth it.

To start off, you must have four houses that are completely upgraded all the way to the end, which is the Castle Beauty state. You must go through a total of nine different states to get all the way to Castle Beauty, so it will be a while before you get four of them.

When you finish all four Castle Beauties, the castle will be constructed and it will begin to passively generate coins and gems for you over time. Gems are the premium currency of the game, so you can see why castles are valuable. Again, they are huge investments but they are very much worth your time.

That’s all for EverMerge. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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EverMerge Guide: Tips & Cheats To Merge All Items


  1. Only 4 crops are on the board at a time. Crop items disappear and a new crop takes it’s place. Each crop that is not harvested when it disappears gives 3rd level rubies, sprouts give you coins. One strategy is to hoard those crops at least one level before it is retired. Candy trees at lvl 15, wheat lvl 19, apples lvl 23, carrots lvl 28, shrooms lvl 31, and unknown at lvl 50.


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