Dungeon Quest is an interesting new roguelike game now available for iOS devices.

Just like several other games of the same genre, in Dungeon Quest you will have to explore some procedurally generated stages and keep going as far as you can. While the gameplay experience may not be as deep as other games, there’s still a certain satisfaction in having been able to defeat a really powerful boss at the end of an even more difficult and punishing dungeon.

If you’re new to roguelikes and want to learn more about this new game, you have adventured to the right place. Make sure to follow these tips and tricks for Dungeon Quest to get the best out of this game.

  • Experience Tips

As every other roguelike out there, you will require experience points to be able to level up in the game, become more powerful and ultimately become able to explore for longer. There’s a simple trick that will help you in gathering more experience points in a faster way: progress to a new floor so that the game is saved, go back to the main menu and raise the enemy power level. By doing this, you will earn more experience and gold without any risk, since the game autosaves once you move to a new floor.

If you have some new characters that requre leveling, you can also choose to go back to previously completed dungeons and train. By using the trick explained above, you will be able to train them in a faster and more efficient way.

  • Equipment Tips

When looking at which equipment piece to use, always check out the stats and not the rarity level. As a general rule, you can use a simple trick to check out which is truly the best to use – simply try to sell the items and the one with the higher value is the best overall one in your possession. It’s not a truly safe way to identify the best item you have but it’s helpful in the beginning when you still have to fully understand the game’s mechanics.

  • Boss Battles Strategies

Bosses in Dungeon Quest can be though but also somewhat dumb. Don’t be afraid to stay on the defensive when the battle starts to learn the enemies’ attack pattern. As a matter of fact, all bosses attack following a certain pattern so it’s pretty easy to get rid of them without taking a single hit once the pattern has been memorized.