When taking a break from developing Hitman GO, the folks over at Square Enix are working to expand their card trading offering on the App Store, and they just did that with the launch of Deadman’s Cross, a collectible card game with RPG elements and zombies that’s a spin off of Guardian Cross. In other words, prepare to collect cards, battle zombies AND the freemium model that’s turning away quite some players nowadays.

What I really like about the game is that Square Enix have decided to mix the classic card game with other gameplay elements, like a sniping element where you go hunting down the living dead of New Livingston, as well as a quest system that involves dungeons and classic RPG elements. A good mix of things to do and keep you busy when you get a little bored with the main element of the game – card battles!

The card battles use your deck created from cards that you get during the sniping part of the game and you can use it either in multiplayer or against the AI controlled enemies. There are 5 types of cards based on rarity, so you will have to invest a lot of playing time. And money, if you so prefer.

If you’re curious to give Deadman’s Cross a try, head over to iTunes and download it for free.