Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures Guide


Treasures discovered in Cookie Run: Kingdom are items you can equip to your team of Cookies to help them battle their way through each stage. These items can be either active, meaning you have to tap them to make them work, or they can be passive, meaning they work constantly or trigger automatically. The Cookie Run: Kingdom treasures are unlocked when you pass stage 2-17 after opening a treasure chest containing your very first treasure.

After you have unlocked the ability to gain treasures, you can obtain them from the Treasure Gacha using 1 Treasure Ticket or 200 Crystals. The Treasure Tickets can be obtained through special events, via the Bear Jelly Train, or from the Reward Shop. Treasures come in three rarities: Normal, Rare, or Epic, which denote how often they are found in the Gacha.

Treasures Guide

CommonCheesebird’s Coin Purse Gives a chance to gain extra coins when defeating an enemy.
CommonSquishy Jelly WatchDecreases all Cookies cooldown.
CommonGatekeeper Ghost’s HornIncreases Cookie defence.
CommonGinkgoblin’s Trophy SafeAttracts coins during battle and increases coins after victory.
RareGrim-Looking ScytheIncreases critical hit % for all Cookies.
RareMiraculous Ghost Ice CreamReduces nearest enemy defence % for 3s.
RarePilgrim’s SlingslotReduces rearmost enemy’s defence % for 5s.
RareBear Jelly’s LollipopBuffs Cookie with highest attack stat and increases ATK and critical hit % for 5s.
RarePriestess Cookie’s Paper CharmRemoves nearest enemy’s buffs and deals % of all Cookie’s attack stats.
EpicSugar Swan’s Shining FeatherRevives a fallen ally Cookie with a % of their max HP.
EpicOld Pilgrim’s ScrollIncreases attack stat for all Cookies.
EpicJelly Worm’s Sticky GooGrants invulnerability for at least 2s to Cookie with lowest HP.
EpicSacred Pomegranate BranchAbsorbs damage equal to % of their HP for 7s.
EpicElder Pilgrim’s TorchDeals damage equal to % of all Cookie’s total attack stat to nearby enemies.
EpicBookseller’s MonocleRestores % of each Cookie’s max HP, also cleanses debuffs.
EpicBlind Healer’s StaffHeals lowest health Cookie’s HP by combined % of all Cookies attack stat for 5s.
EpicLibrarian’s Enchanted RobesIncreases attack speed of two Cookies with highest attack speed rate.
EpicDurianeer’s Squeaky Flamingo TubeIncreases max HP of the two Cookies who already have the highest HP.
All effects become greater as Cookie level increases

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As with most add-ons in games, it’s a good idea to mix and match and see what works best for your team. Let us know what your favorite combo is, and which Cookie you think works best with which Treasure!

Good luck!

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures Guide


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