I love playing Cloud Breaker, but I also hate this game. It makes me go mad instantly and generally makes me feel dumb for not being able to go further and further. However, with some Cloud Breaker cheats, tips and tricks, things will change a little bit and we’ll all get the chance to get more out of this otherwise amazing game.

So if you can’t beat the stages fast enough and you want a bit more, check out our Cloud Breaker cheats and tips below and hopefully you’ll do better.

1. The time change cheat
One of the most annoying things before you ultimately decided to splash the cash on the full version with no time limits is… the time limit itself. You have to wait a lot for a new try that you will waste in less than a minute. If you don’t want to do this, there’s a quick Cloud Breaker cheat that’s working at the moment of writing this article: simply go to your device’s settings and move the time forward by 1 hour. You will have new lives to play the game!

2. Get the most out of the general view
Before the game zooms in on a cloud, you have a general view of it showing the shape, colors and how the blocks are aligned. It’s just a second or so, but use it to your own advantage and start planning your moves already. Time is extremely limited, so the sooner you start planning, the better.

3. Go for one move bonuses
Although later in the game this seems almost impossible to achieve, go for the bonus: complete the puzzle to get it for the quickest time and best chances to keep on going more than ever.

4. Be quick
Sometimes, you won’t have a plan. This shouldn’t stop you from moving blocks left and right and doing something. You have a very limited time to act and you will waste it thinking too much. Just start doing moves and hopefully something good will come out of it. Doing something is surely better than thinking it too much!

5. Take breaks
If you’re like me and you tend to get angry as you play, that doesn’t help. You will find it more difficult to focus and in return you will do worse than ever. So don’t waste the precious moves and take a break. Getting back to the game with a fresh approach will surely help.

6. Use the continue for finishing stages
I really don’t think that I have the skill to complete the later stages in one go. If you are in a similar situation, try to stack up the maximum amounts of free tries and start playing. When you get the game over message, instead of starting a new game, try again – especially if you managed to get far in the stage. This will make it a lot easier for you to complete the stage and get its bonus.

These would be for now the Cloud Breaker cheats and tips that we have to share with you. Do you have other strategies that work? Share them with us below by commenting below!