Bubblegum Run is fun and annoying at the same time and it makes me remember The Annoying Thing as you control a frog and direct it through a maze of obstacles. I am here to share with you a set of Bubblegum Run cheats: actually, some tips & tricks that are so good that you’ll think you’re cheating. And you’ll keep on going and reach all time high scores to impress those looking at the leaderboards, your friends and ultimately yourself.

So let’s not waste any time talking and let’s check out some Bubble Gum Run tips and tricks below:

1. Stay in the air
For some reason, I find it a lot easier to control the frog and height gained when I keep it in the air. If I am to tap the screen, the balloon seems to have various effects: either none and keeps me on the ground on the first tap, or goes really high at the first or second tap. If the balloon is already filled with air, tapping the screen makes it easier to control your height.

2. Get the power-up no matter what
If you come across a diamond-looking thing, wherever that is – GET IT. It is a super power-up that turns your frog into a Super Frog that flies at top speed and for a while there will be no obstacles. Plus, the first obstacle that you hit won’t end your run but you’ll keep going as the regular frog. This is how I managed to get my high score, and you should always go for the power-up.

3. How to use coins in Bubble Gum Run?
This is a question that I am often asked and unfortunately I don’t have the answer. I haven’t figured out a way to spend the coins that you earn during your runs, so maybe that’s an upcoming feature. Until then, don’t focus on getting coins and instead go for the distance!

4. Watch videos to keep running
This is a nice option for you to try, but do have in mind that the number of videos you can watch is not unlimited, so keep this option available for those moments when you really are on a good run and you want to improve your high score.

5. Running on the ground is easier than flying
It’s all random in the game – the obstacles that appear, but if you end up in a series of obstacles that are in the middle in the screen and you can either go past them below or over, choose the bottom. It’s easier to run on the ground (since you don’t have to tap anything) than trying to keep the height with that crazy balloon.

These are our Bubblegum Run cheats and tips for now for the iPhone game. Let us know if you have others to add to the mix!