BitMonster are here to prove something in the gaming world, and they’re taking a little risk – in theory only, as you will see in this article – moving from their previous, colored and fun Lili game to a new, dark and post-apocalyptic universe with Gunner Z, their upcoming game.

Why do I say that the risk is only taken in theory? Because Gunner Z looks absolutely awesome as you can see in the trailer under the title. And it also seems to deliver some console-grade visuals, thanks to the Unreal Engine that they’ll be using in bringing the dead back to live in the game.

Regarding the gameplay, BitMonster describe it as a “night-vision turret combat with realistic modern vehicle weaponry on steroids” and we’re really pleased to hear that. In other words, this means that you will customize and create new vehicles designed specifically for fighting against the zombie hordes, and you will be in charge of the mayhem.

If the trailer is not enough for you (it sure convinced us to put Gunner Z on our watch list), the screenshots below might just do the trick:

gunner z iphone gunner z iphone1

There is no release date announced for Gunner Z and no pricing, but we’ll keep you posted.