Now that Apple’s extremely popular iPhone 7 has been launched and you bought the amazing device, it’s time to make sure that you have all that it takes to keep it safe. You don’t want to be that guy or girl whose display is always cracked, especially after spending a fortune on your device! And we’re here to help keep it intact by sharing with you the best iPhone 7 cases right now – cases that look good but, most importantly, do a great job when it comes to protecting your iPhone from sustaining damage.

There are a few elements that you should always look for when choosing the perfect case for your iPhone 7, and those are: making sure that you’re getting a case made from a resistant, shock-absorbent material, one that protects the corners especially and a raised screen lip to protect your phone when it’s placed face down (or falls face-down); it should also be non-slippery when holding and it should ideally offer the option to add some sort of screen protection (tempered glass, ideally). We looked at a ton of cases for the iPhone 7 that are available on the market and made our picks to share with you below.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the best iPhone 7 cases of the year (and for the years to come, I’d add!)

Caseology Parallax iPhone 7 Case


This case is stylish, pretty discreet and still extremely good when it comes to protecting your smartphone. Made of a flexible TPU sleeve and a polycarbonate bumper, it offers good protection against falls, while the coating itself offers a smooth and comfortable grip. It’s not as good as rubber – which I prefer for the improved grip – but it’s still really good! There are also multiple models available, so you can really choose one to match your personality and style.

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Maxboost Vibrance iPhone 7 Case


A case that comes with lifetime warranty is definitely a case to look at – and that’s exactly what the Maxboost Vibrance case offers. A nice addition offered by this case is the soft material that the interior of the case is made of, preventing your iPhone from getting scratched. It’s extremely thin as well and goes perfectly hand in hand with Apple’s minimalist approach to tech: it’s simple and stylish. The colors are truly vibrant (hence the name) and the case itself is really easy to install and remove thanks to its 2-piece set up. A great case that offers good protection without too much added bulk.

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UAG Military Drop Tested Case


I am and have always been of the UAG cases and it’s actually an UAG case that is keeping my phone safe right now. I never had any trouble with them – as you would expect from a case that’s military drop tested! The inside of the case is made of a web of hollow cells that not only improve protection, but do so at a reduced size and weight. It’s true that the case itself is a bit on the bulky side and does look like something built for the military, but you will be extremely satisfied with it. I have always been and I don’t see that changing soon!

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Caseology Skyfall Case


At the moment of writing this article, this case is the #1 best selling iPhone 7 case on Amazon under the Cell Phone Cases category and that alone says a lot about how popular and high quality it is (it has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 currently!). One thing that many people will love is the fact that it’s a transparent case, therefore allowing your iPhone to shine in it’s (almost) entire glory. Made of acrylic and polycarbonate, the case offers great protection, is minimalist and looks great too. And if you don’t like the pink touch that we chose in the picture above, there are more colors to choose from as well!

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid S iPhone 7 case


Another transparent and extremely high quality case, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S comes with a nice addition: a magnetic kickstand for the ultimate viewing experience! It’s true that most of the time you don’t need one, but for the moments when you do, it’s great to know that it’s there. In terms of protection it offers, this is another military drop tested case offering air-cushioned protection for the corners and a transparent design. It’s also thin and light, which is always a bonus!

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Silk iPhone 7 Wallet Case


Although I am not the biggest fan of wallet cases for smartphones, I know many people who love them and if you want one for your iPhone 7, this is probably the best choice (it’s also the best selling iPhone 7 wallet case at the moment of writing this article!). What I appreciate about this design is that it brings something new and looks completely different from most wallet cases out there. It actually looks like the wallet case that Apple themselves would create: minimalist, elegant and never over the top. The “wallet” part can fit 3 cards (credit, ID etc) and some extra cash and it’s not one of those ugly flip on cases. It is also very nicely built to offer great protection, with smart design both on the inside and outside of the case and it also has a special high grip texture reducing the risk of you dropping your phone in the first place. This almost makes me change my mind about wallet cases – and I’m sure that if you already have nothing against them, you’ll love this one!

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Zizo Bolt Cover Case


This case looks like one that could easily take your phone through any type of apocalyptic event, doesn’t it? I am sure it could, as it offers as much protection as it is bulky. I personally love the design – it’s clearly different and unique and it also has a bonus kickstand included. It is military drop tested, comes with a tempered glass screen protector and those who have tried it had a lot of words of praise for this product. So definitely give it a try if the bulky design isn’t a problem for you!

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These are our top choices for really good iPhone 7 cases. Pick the one you like the most and enjoy using your device without worries!