Evil Hunter Tycoon is a simulation game where you kill monsters and save the world, but you’ll need hunters to assist you. To put it another way, this game revolves around hunters. Hunters aid in gathering resources, killing monsters, and rebuilding the city. A good hunter will help you progress through the game much faster than an average hunter. We’ll show you how to pick the best hunter for this game in this guide.

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how to choose the best hunters in the game. We’ll talk about the best hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon and how to pick a good hunter in this article!

Best Hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon

Characteristic is a trait that each hunter possesses. This can be advantageous or disadvantageous to the hunter, even though the Random Characteristic Elixir can change the characteristics of hunters. It is suggested that you keep the hunter with a positive trait and avoid the one with a negative trait.

  • Characteristic Table (For Best Hunters)
Carelesssell items 20% cheaper
Charismatichelp party’s stats when in the Dungeon and Coliseum by 5%
Gamblerincrease enchantment success rate by 5%
Nimbleincrease Evasion by 3%
Energeticdecrease Stamina consumption by 20%
Fast Runnerincrease movement speed by 10%
Heroicincrease ATK SPD, ATK, and movement speed by 7%
Man of Steeldecrease damage is taken by 10%
Optimisticdecrease Mood consumption by 2%
Richfind more gold when hunting by 20%
Sharpincrease CRIT by 3%
Skinnyreduce Food consumption by 20%
Strongincrease ATK by 10%
Swiftincrease ATK SPD by 10%

  • Weak Characteristics Table (NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL)
Baggy Eyesincrease Stamina consumption by 20%
Cowardalways runs away early when hunting with just a few hits
Dead Weightburden party’s stats when in the Dungeon and Coliseum by 5%
Dulldecrease CRIT by 3%
Fragiledecrease ATK by 10%
Overweightincrease Food consumption by 20%
Slowdecrease movement speed by 10%
Laggarddecrease EXP gain by 10%
Sluggishdecrease Evasion by 3%
Stingysell items 20% more expensive
Thickheadedreduce ATK SPD by 10%
Pessimisticincrease Mood consumption by 20%

Legendary > Heroic > Superior > Rare > Normal are the Hunter tiers in order. Because hunters are so easy to come by in this game, it’s not a good idea to keep any hunter below Superior tier.

This is everything you need to know about finding the best hunters in your town. Good luck with your legendary hunter drawings, and have fun with Evil Hunter Tycoon.

Hunter’s classes in Evil Hunter Tycoon

  • Berserker: Warrior with decent attack and defense. Can change class into Dualist or Slayer.
  • Ranger: DPS with high damage but low defense. Can change class into HawkEye or Sniper.
  • Paladin: Tank with high defense and ok damage. Can change class into Crusader or Templar.
  • Sorcerer: DPS with high damage but low defense. Can change class into ArchMage or DarkMage.

Hunter classes are ranked in this order Ranger > Sorcerer > Paladin > Berserker. Ranger can kite the monsters due to their ability to slow. Sorcerer doesn’t have the kite that Ranger has, but they have an ice shield. Paladin is needed to tank the dungeons and bosses. Berserker is in a very awkward position, unable to out damage Ranger or Sorcerer and not able to out tank Paladin. The key here is to find a balance in your team. So I will recommend you to get two of each in the early game.

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After going over these key points, you’ll see that choosing a descent Hunter is not that tough to master in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Did you find our guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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