One of the best real time strategy games released for iOS devices will receive a sequel soon, introducing a slew of interesting features that will greatly improve on the original gameplay formula.

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords it’s the sequel to Autumn Dynasty, developed by Touch Dimensions. In the sequel not only you will have to command your armies and fight against the enemy, but you’ll also have to build and manage your empire, building cities in conquered territories and so on.

Unlike the first game, Autumn Dynasty: Warlords will sport a non linear single player campaign where you’ll have complete freedom and where every action is going to have a consequence on your newly formed empire.

Managing an empire is hard business, where every decision is bound to have an impact. After conquering regions you will have to choose a warlord, appoint troops and apply decision to obtain in-battle bonuses.

One of the most enjoyable features of the first game will be coming back in Autumn Dynasty: Warlords. All the actions of the game will be performed with the unique brush control technique featured in the first game.

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords was supposedly releasing on November 7th. However the team revealed that the game will not become available on that date but it will still be released before the end of that month.

Autumn Dynasty is now available for download on the App Store. The game can be played on both iPhone and iPad.