You have thrown these poor Angry Birds around, hoping to demolish building and take down the evil Piggies. You may also have seen them dressed as Star Wars characters and used them to restore peace to the galaxy. Now it’s time to put them on karts and let them have some well deserved fun!

Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Go will be released on December 11th for iPhone and iPad. The game will be a new spin on the incredibly popular franchise, a racing game featuring both birds and piggies as they race all over a 3D Piggy island.

Together with the announcement, Rovio has also released an official gameplay trailer. You can check it out by going at the end of this post. Judging by the video, all gamers who have played and loved Super Mario Kart or other similar cartoonish kart racing games will definitely enjoy Rovio’s latest title.

The Angry Birds franchise is one of the most successful mobile game series ever released. Together with the original Angry Birds game, Rovio released two Angry Birds Star Wars game which will allow gamers to live through the story of both Star Wars trilogy by controlling many of the series’ most famous character in “Angry Birds” form. The franchise is also well known outside the gaming world thanks to various merchandise released by Rovio during the years.

Angry Birds Go! will be released as a free title on December 11th. The game will be playable on both iPhone and iPad.

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