Welcome to the silliest race ever! All Limpy Run! is a simple yet challenging endless runner for iOS and Android systems. Run for your country in the wackiest race of all time – you won’t be going up against just humans; you’re going up against alligators, elephants, lions, mummies and more! Let’s win the race with our All Limpy Run! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Jump at the last moment!

If you wait until your runner is very close to the obstacle or hurdle you need to get over and jump, you’ll see two green arrows appear over your character’s head. This means you’re speeding up! You only get this bonus if you jump at the last moment, so if you’re too early you’ll miss out on the boost. So far we’re not quite sure what the advantage running faster is, as there doesn’t seem to be an end to the race, but still – it’s there if you want to take advantage of it!

2. Keep your eyes on your lane!

The lanes are tightly packed together on purpose so that you might get distracted by other obstacles. You might jump when you don’t need to and you might end up flinging yourself to your doom, so it’s very important to keep your eyes on your own lane. Focus and don’t let yourself get distracted!

3. Tilt your screen!

Your mileage may vary with this, but in our experience tilting the screen a little bit to the left might help a bit! We can’t really explain this but for some reason it allows us to focus on ourl and better, letting us react to obstacles and hurdles better. In theory it should help your eyes drown out the other obstacles. If tilting doesn’t help you, try out other things.

4. Don’t worry about the coins!

Sometimes you’ll see coins floating in mid air. You have to jump up to reach them, but when the obstacles start getting crazy, we recommend that you just forget about them completely. They’re only worth one coin and it’s not worth risking your run for a single coin. You get a free gift every now and then anyways!

5. Don’t double jump all the time!

You may be tempted to always double jump to make sure you clear the hurdle. While you can do this for the early stages of the track, you’ll find yourself in trouble if you continue to do it when the obstacles get really dense. You won’t land in time to make the next jump, so start using single jumps to clear the single/low obstacles!

That’s all for All Limpy Run! If you have any other running tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!