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Who are we?

Touch, Tap, Play was established in June 2013 and since then, the website grew to become one of the best known mobile gaming websites on the internet. We’re specializing in delivering amazing guides for popular iPhone and Android games, but we’re also hosting mobile game news, reviews and anything related to the mobile world.

We have an established audience that loves anything related to mobile. Here are some of our stats:

  • Unique visitors per month: over 900,000 in April 2019
  • Unique page views per month: over 1.1 million in April 2019
  • Most traffic comes from the US (40.38%), followed by the UK (6.38%), India (5.54%), Canada (4.16%) and Australia (3.02)
  • Over 80% of our visitors check out our website on mobile or tablet (53.53% Android & 45.74% iOS)

Our commitment to delivering only high quality content ensures that our website keeps growing and our audience loves our articles. Over the years, we have built trust with our audience and we’re only going to deliver high quality content from now on as well, in our quest to become one of the best known, most respectable content providers for mobile gamers.

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